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Commercial Aluminium Decking

Aluminium Decking

Aluminium Decking is an eco-friendly, long-lasting alternative to traditional style decking such as timber or composite. It is available exclusively from Able Canopies for supply to the commercial sector.

We have designed three aluminium decking systems including a fire resistant decking board which is suitable for domestic use, a slip resistant decking board which is suitable for commercial settings and schools and a fire resistant balcony decking system which is perfect for use in residential and commercial high rise buildings.

The standard decking boards are made from 100% aluminium (yet they also have rubber inserts for the non-slip feature). Up to 30% of the aluminium used in the boards are made from recycled aluminium billets. The aluminium can also be recycled again and again, making it an extremely durable and long-lasting decking option.

Our Able Canopies’ aluminium decking is supplied with up to a 10-year warranty and a 25-year life expectancy, so you know your new decking system will last for many years to come.

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Standard Ali-Deck
Standard Ali-Deck Standard Ali-Deck is a quick fit, fire resistant, all aluminium decking system that is 50% quicker to install than standard systems and is supplied with up to a 10-year warranty.
Slip Resistant Ali-Deck
Slip Resistant Ali-Deck Slip Resistant Ali-Deck is a quick fit all aluminium decking system that features slip resistant properties and is ideal for commercial settings. It is supplied with up to a 10-year warranty.
Fire Resistant Balcony Decking
Fire Resistant Balcony Decking Fire Resistant Balcony Decking is a quick to install system that is ideal for installation on balconies at a height on large buildings such as flats and houses. It is naturally rust resistant.
Ali-Deck Supa Joist
Ali-Deck Supa Joist The Ali-Deck Supa Joist can be used with our standard and non-slip aluminium decking as well as composite and timber decking.


What makes Ali-Deck environmentally friendly?
Our aluminium decking systems are extruded from up to 30% recycled aluminium billets. Which you will find is the best on the market as most aluminium decking doesn’t use recycled aluminium at all.

In addition to this, aluminium can be recycled again and again, so once the product is surplus to your requirements, you can recycle it. This means that if the product is always disposed of correctly (recycled) it will never end up in landfill.

It will also not rot unlike wood and therefore does not need to be treated regularly by harsh chemicals.

Does Ali-Deck require any treatments?
No, aluminium is naturally rust and rot resistant and we treat Ali-Deck with QUALICOAT powder coating process.

Will aluminium decking distort like timber decking?
No, aluminium will not expand unlike with timber decking boards.

Is your decking fire resistant?
Yes, our Fire Resistant Balcony Decking is made from aluminium and is A1 / A2 fire rated, depending on the chosen finish.

Is Ali Deck quick to install?
Yes. Our aluminium decking is installed up to 50% quicker in comparison to any other decking, causing less disruption to you and your business.

Is Ali-Deck suitable for commercial settings?
Our decking systems are suitable for both commercial and non-commercial environments. It is advised that the non-slip decking is used for commercial settings.

Does Ali-Deck have a long-life span?
You will be impressed to discover that Ali-Deck has a life expectancy of up to 25 years and is supplied with up to a 10-year warranty against UV degradation and corrosion.

What colours can I choose from?
There are two colours to choose from; Textured Sand and Textured Grey.

What is the maximum size you can cover with Ali-Deck?
We can cover outside areas of any size using boards that are 6 metres long which is much longer than standard timber or plastic panels which saves on installation time.

Can Ali-Deck be installed at a height?
Yes, the system features a ‘Supa Joist’ which enables us to install it at a height for you. It also means that we can install on uneven ground, such as inclines to create an even decking area over uneven grounds.

The Fire Resistant Balcony Decking has been designed for use on commercial and domestic balconies and also meets the government requirements for fire resistance.

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