Ali-Deck Supa Joist

Ali-Deck Supa Joist

The Alideck Supa Joist is an aluminium joist that has been designed as a standalone product to be used with Ali-Deck standard aluminium decking, slip-resistant aluminium decking and fire resistant balcony decking. It complements the Alideck System and enables super-fast installation times.

It can also be used as a standalone solution and can be used in conjunction with composite and timber decking options.

This all aluminium system is unique and modular, so it can be extended to any length, it can also be simply connected together to create double the span depending on the desired foundation spacings, please see the specifications tab for the loadings for the single joist span capabilities.

Traditional support structures are manufactured from timber which normally requires a joist every 400mm. One of the advantages of the Supa Joist, is that when used with the Alideck system, it only requires installing every 1900mm or 1200mm (depending on the loadings that are required). This results in much quicker installation times, and because it’s made from aluminium, it will never need maintenance.

Unlike timber, it will not crack, warp, or swell, its impermeable to insects and deterioration, easy to cut and is fade and stain resistant.

Exclusive to Able Canopies - The Alideck Supa Joist is exclusive to Able Canopies for supply into the commercial sector.

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  • All Aluminium Construction – The Alideck Supa Joist is made completely from an aluminium construction
  • Less Joists Needed – Compared to traditional joists such as timber, joists are required every 1900mm or 1200mm instead of every 400mm (when used with the Alideck system)
  • Quick Installation – Because less joist are required, the installation time is much quicker
  • Eco-Friendly – 30% of the aluminium used to manufacture the Supa Joists are recycled and the whole Supa Joist can be recycled multiple times in the future
  • Long Lasting - Aluminium is naturally rust resistant and does not require regular treatments as timber would
  • Coated with QUALICOAT– Alideck parts are protected with QUALICOAT which is a 5-stage powder coating finish for additional protection and longevity
  • Colour Options – Choose from Textured Silver Grey and Textured Sand
  • Excellent Fire Rating - Please see the specifications tab for full details
  • Will Not Crack, Warp or Swell – Unlike timber decking, aluminium decking will not expand or contract in the heat or wet weather
  • 30 Year Warranty - Supplied with a 60 year warranty

Span Charts

Ali-Deck Supa Joist Span Information - Able Canopies Ltd.

Ali-Deck Supa Joist Span Information - Able Canopies Ltd.

Excellent Fire Rating

We understand that the fire rating is extremely important to all our clients, and can confirm the following:

The Alideck Standard Board, Slip Resistant Board and the Supa-Joist

Aluminium in Building:

Aluminium alloy components used in building complies as follows. As defined by BS 476: Part 4 and the 1974 SOLAS Convention (as amended) aluminium alloys are ‘non-combustible’ and provide Class 1 surface spread of flame to BS 476: Part 7. In addition, BS 476: Part 3 covers external fire exposure roof tests and the classifications laid down in the standard range from AA to DD. The first letter refers to the fire penetration performance and the second letter to the surface spread of flame. Aluminium and its alloys are rated AA, the highest possible under this classification system. Materials are also tested for fire propagation performance to BS 476: Part 6 (1989) and coating systems are considered. Aluminium achieves excellent ratings under this Standard.

Qualicoat Powder Coat Process 1. BS476

British Standard 476 refers to fire tests on building materials and structures. The parts of this standard that are of most relevance to powder coatings are Parts 6 and 7.

Part 6 - Fire Propagation

The result of this test is a fire propagation index. It is a measure of the contribution to fire growth made by an essentially flat surface. The results of the test are specific to the test specimen i.e. the product on that substrate in the form in which it was tested. Therefore, it cannot be used as a method for assessing the product in all situations.

Part 7 - Surface Spread of Flame

This is a method of measuring flame spread along the surface of a specimen. Again, the results of the test are specific to the test specimen i.e. the product on that particular substrate in the form in which it was tested. Therefore, it cannot be used as a method for assessing the product in all situations.

As defined in the UK Building Regulations 2000 - Fire Safety Approved Document B, the highest product performance classification for wall or ceiling linings is Class 0. This is achieved if a material;

(a) Achieves a class 1 rating in BS476 Part 7, and (b) Achieves a fire propagation index of not more than 12 and sub-index of not more than 6 in BS476 Part 6.

Test Results

Interpon D1000 series and D2000 Series have been tested to BS476 Parts 6 and 7 and have met the criteria for Class 0 building regulation approval.

Quaicoat Powder Coat Process 1. BS476 - London Underground Approval

Approval for use in London Underground is a good indicator of fire safety. The product must be tested for:

  • Smoke Emission
  • Toxic Fume Emission
  • Qualitative analysis (what is emitted)
  • Quantitative analysis (how much is emitted)
  • Flammability
  • Fire propagation
  • Surface spread of flame
Ali-Deck Slip Resistant Inserts are made from PVC Polymers, they are generally referred to as “Self-Extinguishing” which means that they will burn whilst a high enough heat source of flame is applied to them but once removed they stop burning.


Specification Sheet: View the Alideck Supa Joist Technical Specification Sheet

Brochure: Click here to download our aluminium decking brochure

Colour options

The Alideck Supa Joist is protected with a 5-stage powder coating process called QUALICOAT which is available in two colours; Textured Sand and Textured Silver Grey.

Ali-Deck Supa Joist Colour Options - Able Canopies Ltd.

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