Fire Resistant Flat Balcony Decking

Fire Resistant Flat Balcony Decking

The Fire Resistant Flat Balcony Decking Boards feature the same specification as the Fire Resistant Balcony Decking Boards yet they have a flat surface which is much more pleasant to walk upon when barefoot. This makes the decking ideal for domestic installations such as high-rise flats, student accommodation and high-end apartments which feature balconies.

There are two boards to choose from in the range including the Senior Flat Balcony Board and the Junior Flat Balcony Board. They both have the same features and benefits, yet the Senior board is 30mm deep and the Junior board is 20mm deep.

The Fire-Resistant Flat Balcony Decking Boards feature a fire resistance rating of A2-s1, d0 which means they meet the government requirements for materials used in high-rise buildings. They are also supplied with a 30-year warranty and a minimum 60-year life expectancy.

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  • Balcony Aluminium Decking – Designed to be installed on balconies on high-rise buildings
  • Fire Resistant Balcony Decking – Our balcony flat decking boards feature a fire resistance rating of A2-s1, d0 and therefore conforms to the new UK fire regulations
  • Full Drainage – The aluminium decking can be installed with gaps to allow for drainage, and we also offer an Alideck drain channel which directs the water to a designated area such as downpipes
  • Fully Aluminium Construction – The boards are completely manufactured from 6063 T6 grade aluminium which is high in strength and naturally rust resistant
  • Quick Installation Times – Our decking boards have been designed for ease of installation, resulting in 50% quicker install times, saving you time and money on-site
  • Supply Only -The deck boards are available as supply only, giving you the freedom to choose when you install the boards, making it easy to fit the installation around your construction schedule
  • Easy Fix to Existing Steelwork – Fixing to existing steelwork is easy without unnecessary penetration
  • Made from Recycled Aluminium – 30% of the aluminium in the boards have been recycled and can again be recycled multiple times
  • 60 Year Life Expectancy – Aluminium naturally lasts much longer than timber or composite and to show our confidence, our balcony decking is supplied with a 60 year life expectancy
  • Can Cover Any Size Balcony – The standard board sizes are 120mm x 30mm for the senior board and 120mm x 20mm for the junior board however, they can be cut to size along the width and fitted together to cover balconies of any size
  • Minimal Maintenance Required – Unlike timber, aluminium does not require regular treatments to keep it in top condition, it is advised that you simply wash it as and when required with warm soapy water and a lint free mop/cloth
  • Available in Two Colours – The aluminium decking is covered with QUALICOAT which is a hard-wearing powder coating finish that is available in two colours; Textured Grey and Textured Sand
  • Does Not Warp – Aluminium does not expand or contract in the heat and wet weather and will not warp, making it last much longer than timber decking, without the need for regular treatments
  • Start the Installation in Advance - You can install 90% of the deck board prior to the installation of the balcony if required, once the balcony is installed you can then install the remaining boards
  • No Need to Drill Holes - Alideck enables you to install it onto existing sub frame sections without having to drill additional holes if required
  • 30 Year Warranty - Supplied with a 30-year warranty


Can be cut to size
The decking board has been designed to have 3 main supports underneath, so you can cut the board on both sides if you only have a small gap to deal with. The decking board will still be structural due to the upright support under the correct point that it features. To ensure high strength in all situations, we also looked at the point loadings for when cutting the board with a ‘cantilevered’ section and increased the radius on the underside of the board to strengthen the board in the areas required to cope with a good point load.

Fire resistance
The balcony decking boards are constructed from structural grade T6 aluminium. As with all metals, when faced with extreme heat the strength of aluminium alloy is reduced at a rate dependent on the material. The T6 grade structural aluminium has a useful maximum working temperature limit that ranges from 200° to 250°C. Above this temperature the strength is significantly reduced. See more information regarding the fire resistance further below.

Save time by installing 90% of the boards prior to the installation
The board has been designed so that it can be installed from the top with a slotted machined centre section. This enables you to pick up on at least one of the bolt channels in the 3-way bolt channel to reduce the need for drilling whilst on site. You can then lay decking boards into place once the balcony is installed by using the bolt channels and the threads facing up and simply apply the nuts and tighten up (this should be reasonably quick to do).

Can be installed onto an existing sub-frame section without drilling additional holes
The aluminium balcony decking features a 3-way extrusion, two up and one down. This gives you the option to make sure a bolt can pass through the box section on the existing balcony at any point along the box section and then be secured. You can then decide on the channels to slide the bolts into place depending on the position of the decking in relation to the position of the box section. You need only choose one bolt channel but choosing two gives you the choice to complete the installation without drilling the decking.

Sufficient drainage between the boards
You can choose the space you want between each board during the installation of between 4mm and 10mm however, we would recommend 6mm as standard. This is because the boards will drain much better if a minimum gap of 6mm is created.

The board has a cover strip on the top of the board which has a positive click leg on both sides, it’s a long leg so any point load and downward loading is not a problem. This is a quick fit option that removes most of the problems associated with other composite decking products.

Alideck Drain Channels are available from Able Canopies to direct rainwater into designated areas such as downpipes and avoid water dripping on the floor/persons below.


Specification Sheet: To download the specification sheet click here: Fire Resistant Flat Aluminium Decking Specification Sheet

Brochure: Click here to download our aluminium decking brochure

Colour Options

The flat balcony decking is covered with a 5-stage powder coating process called QUALICOAT which is available in two colours; Textured Sand and Textured Silver Grey as shown below.

Ali-Deck Aluminium Decking Colour Options

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