Rooftop Terrace Decking

Rooftop Terrace Decking

The Fastest Rooftop Terrace Decking System to Install on the Market

More and more professionals within the construction industry are looking to secure suppliers for non-combustible products and rightly so. Our range of Alideck aluminium decking boards and supports are the ideal product to use on roof top terrace decking areas.

We have developed a quick-to-install, non-combustible aluminium decking system which can be adjusted to the height required for your project. As a result of the large spanning capabilities of the Alideck Supa Joist, you can install our aluminium rooftop decking speedily. On a commercial loading of 4kN sqm our Supa Joist aluminium decking support will span 1.2m between centres which is 3x the span of regular composite decking subframes. This results in speedier installation because less joists are required.

This non-combustible, aluminium rooftop terrace decking has been calculated and is structurally safe to withstand high loads while alternate decking options on the market will need additional underside supports.

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  • Excellent Fire Rating of ‘Non-Combustible’ – Our rooftop terrace decking features a fire rating of A2-s1, d0 resulting in it being non-combustible
  • Rooftop Terrance Decking – This product has been designed for use on rooftop terraces with high load bearing for installation at a height
  • Can Cover Large Rooftop Terraces – The boards can be connected together and cut to size to fit balconies of any size, no matter how big or small
  • A Fully Aluminium Decking Board – The decking boards are made completely from aluminium for high strength, longevity, fire resistance and rust resistance, resulting in minimal maintenance for the end user
  • Speedy Installation – The rooftop terrace decking boards are quick to install due to the Alideck Supa Joist’s wide span capabilities
  • 30 Year Warranty – As this decking is manufactured from aluminium, we are able to offer it with a 30-year warranty for complete peace of mind
  • 60 Year Life Expectancy – Aluminium naturally lasts much longer than timber and composite and to show our confidence we supply our rooftop terrace decking with up to a 60-year life expectancy
  • 100% Recyclable – Aluminium is a sustainable product because there is no limit to how many times the material can be recycled, so as long as it is recycled correctly, it will never end up in landfill
  • No Treatments Required – Unlike timber decking, aluminium decking does not require regular treatments. To keep it maintained, it is simply advised that you wash it as and when required with warm soapy water and a lint free mop
  • Will Not Warp – Again, unlike timber decking, aluminium does not expand or contract in the heat and wet weather and it will not warp
  • Choice of Two Colours – The rooftop terrace decking is available with a resilient powder coating finish that is available in two colours; Textured Grey and Textured Sand


Specifcation Sheet: Click here to download the Rooftop Terrace Decking Specification Sheet

Brochure: Click here to download our aluminium decking brochure

Fire Resistance

This innovative London Underground approved (Patent applied for) aluminium rooftop terrace decking system is finished with a non-combustible coating and meets the fire rating A2-s1, d0.

Fire rating explained:

The classification is split into 3 components.

1. Combustibility: A2 is non-combustible.
2. Smoke Emission – s1 is best, s3 is worst
3. Release of droplets or particles – d0 is best, d2 is worst.

So, as you can see the A2-s1, d0 fire rating for our rooftop terrace aluminium decking is perfect for both commercial and domestic buildings.

Colour Options

Available in a Textured Sand and Textured Silver Grey as shown below.

Ali-Deck Aluminium Decking Colour Options

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