Slip Resistant Alideck

Slip Resistant Alideck

Slip Resistant Alideck is a strong and durable aluminium decking system which features rubber, slip resistant inserts, making it perfect for use in commercial settings.

The high-quality construction of aluminium with QUALICOAT powder coating and rubber inserts, makes it ideal for use in well-used areas such as restaurants, bars and hotels.

If you are looking to make an environmentally friendly choice with your purchase, you will be pleased to find out what the decking is made from 30% recycled aluminium billets and all of the aluminium can be recycled over and over again.

The decking is supplied with a 30 year warranty and 60-year life expectancy. Giving you complete peace of mind that your new aluminium decking will last for many years to come.

Manufactured by Able Canopies Ltd. - The Alideck slip resistant aluminium decking boards are manufactured by Able Canopies Ltd. and are the perfect partner to our aluminium wall mounted canopies.

How to Install Alideck Slip Resistant Aluminium Decking:

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  • All Aluminium Construction – The construction is made fully from aluminium for strength and longevity with the addition of the rubber slip resistant inserts
  • Slip Resistant – The aluminium boards feature slip-resistant rubber inserts which reduce the risk of slips and accidents
  • Speedy Installation - Our aluminium decking is quicker to install compared to traditional decking such as timber, which means minimal disruption is caused to your business
  • Eco-Friendly – Alideck is made from 30% recycled aluminium and doesn’t need to be treated with chemicals once it has been installed, unlike timber decking. The aluminium can also be recycled once it has come to the end of it use as decking
  • Can Cover Large Areas – We can cover areas of any size, each board measures 6m long, 120mm wide and 30mm deep
  • QUALICOAT Coating as Standard– Slip Resistant Ali Deck is protected with QUALICOAT; a 5-stage powder coating finish
  • Choice of Colour – Available in Textured Grey and Textured Sand
  • Does Not Warp – Unlike timber decking, aluminium decking will not expand or contract in the heat or wet weather
  • 30 Year Warranty – Supplied with a warranty of up to 30 years and a 60 year warranty


Brochure: Click here to download our aluminium decking brochure

Colour Options

Slip Resistant Alideck decking is covered with a 5-stage powder coating process called QUALICOAT which is available in two colours; Textured Sand and Textured Silver Grey.

Ali-Deck Aluminium Decking Colour Options

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