Entrance Canopies for Housing DevelopmentsEntrance Canopies for Housing DevelopmentsEntrance Canopies for Housing DevelopmentsEntrance Canopies for Housing DevelopmentsEntrance Canopies for Housing Developments

Entrance Canopies for Housing Developments

Enhance your Housing Development with an Entrance Canopy

You can enhance your new builds with entrance canopies, making entering and leaving your buildings much more pleasant for the new residents when it’s raining.

Entrance Canopies provide a dry, pleasant entrance where residents can find their keys whilst keeping dry before they enter or leave the building. Adding inexpensive yet high quality accessories to your properties will help to ‘tick all the boxes’ for your potential buyers.

Our range of entrance canopies are unobtrusive, cantilevered. They are all made from strong constructions and are covered with high strength polycarbonate.
Luff Care HomesLuff Care Homes In May 2016, we supplied and installed a 3m x 2m Coniston 6 Glass Entrance Canopy at Luff Care Homes.
Colwyn Entrance CanopyColwyn Entrance Canopy The Colwyn is a cost effective, cantilevered entrance canopy. This structure has no canopy posts and is perfect for small entrance areas in both modern and well established environments.
Orwell Entrance CanopyOrwell Entrance Canopy The Orwell is a low cost, cantilevered entrance canopy. It is constructed from robust materials and is perfect for creating cover above entrances, windows and outside stairways.
Earlswood Entrance CanopyEarlswood Entrance Canopy The Earlswood is an ornate, cantilevered entrance canopy that is made a strong aluminium frame and is the ideal cost effective entrance canopy for traditional buildings.
Redford Entrance CanopyRedford Entrance Canopy The Redford is a contemporary cantilevered entrance canopy that has a simple design which offers high protection from the weather.
Ferndale Entrance CanopyFerndale Entrance Canopy The Ferndale is a cantilevered wall mounted entrance canopy that has a strong curve for enhanced protection from the weather.
Tintern Entrance CanopyTintern Entrance Canopy The Tintern is a cantilevered entrance canopy offers simple protection from the weather, with an attractive design featuring stainless steel tie rods
Beck Entrance CanopyBeck Entrance Canopy The Beck is an aluminium and stainless steel entrance canopy with perforated steel brackets. Its mono-pitch design makes it perfect for modern buildings.
Tamworth Entrance CanopyTamworth Entrance Canopy The Tamworth is our most cost effective entrance canopy, offering effective cover with a simple design to suit all building styles
Balmoral Entrance CanopyBalmoral Entrance Canopy The Balmoral is a stunning entrance canopy that features decorative detailing on the aluminium brackets, making it perfect for traditional and historic buildings.
Lexden Entrance CanopyLexden Entrance Canopy The Lexden is a small mono-pitch entrance canopy that is fixed to the wall with simple aluminium brackets for a stylish, minimalist appearance.
Fenwick Entrance CanopyFenwick Entrance Canopy The Fenwick is an attractive, curved entrance canopy that is fixed to existing building overhangs with brackets extended from the roof bars.
Nelson Entrance CanopyNelson Entrance Canopy The Nelson is a low-cost cantilevered entrance canopy that is of extremely high quality. It has a modern domed design and fits in perfectly with many building styles.
Coniston 6Coniston 6 The Coniston 6 is covered with a choice of 6mm toughened glass or 6mm solid polycarbonate roof sheets. It features a fully aluminium frame and comes with a 10 year guarantee.