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Canopies for Retail and Commercial Outlets

Make Your Business Stand Out From The Competition

As a retail or commercial business you will know that the visual impact of your outlet, both internally and externally has a huge impact on attracting customers and their buying behaviour in-store.

Our versatile and practical canopy solutions can provide entrances with additional shelter from the elements, resulting in internal areas being kept dry and slip-free as well as making the entrance easily identifiable. Entrance canopies are also the ideal location for your signage and branding, ensuring that your outlet stands out from the surrounding competition.

Retail Entrance Canopies - Able Canopies Ltd.

If you have additional outdoor sales areas or separate buildings, our canopies can be designed to link together to create connected covered walkways, providing a specific route through the area around which you can maximise sales through product placement and merchandising. Returning customers are also safe in the knowledge that they can visit your premises in all weathers without getting cold and wet.

Have you also considered how your customers are travelling to your outlet? Covered walkways can also be installed in Car Park areas, ensuring customers have safe and easy access to your outlet entrance. But it’s not only motorists – cycling is becoming increasing popular in the UK, given its health benefits and low environmental impact. We offer a great range of cycle shelters where staff and customers can park or store their bikes quickly and securely, protecting them from the worst of the weather.

Commercial Shade Sails - Able Canopies Ltd.

Whatever your requirements, whether you are looking for a standard product or a bespoke solution to fit a specific need we can help. We offer a full design and build service, from initial enquiry and specification to final delivery and installation, to suit all budgets.

Retail & Commercial Entrance Canopies

Retail & Commercial Entrance Canopies

Entrance Canopies are a must for shops and commercial sites, giving your building prominence and creating a pleasant entrance for visitors. You can also use it to reinforce your brand - reflecting your colours and adding signage to the canopy to create a real impact.

Retail Trolley Shelters

Retail Trolley Shelters

Create a dry, designated area to store your trolleys with our trolley shelters which are a must for shopping centres and large stores that supply shopping trolleys for use within their premises.

Commercial and Retail Storage Shelters

Commercial and Retail Storage Shelters

Add a shelter to your outside storage area to enable you to store items whatever the weather with our commercial grade storage shelters that are made from the highest quality materials.

Solar Carports

Solar Carports

Solar Carports allow you to offer a dry, sheltered area for your staff, customers and visitors to park their vehicles whilst visiting your premises. You are also able to generate free electricity to go towards the daily running of your building, saving you money and saving the environment.

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Why Have a Retail Canopy?

  • Kensington Mono-Pitch Free Standing Canopy installed at Oak Furniture Land in Leicester - Able Canopies Ltd.Canopies encourage customers to window shop whilst keeping sheltered from the rain and then entices them to have a look inside
  • Entrance Canopies make your building and branding stand out from the other shops in the area
  • Expand your selling area by displaying products under a canopy outside
  • Create designated smoking areas to avoid staff or customers smoking by the entrance
  • Offering a sheltered pick up/drop off point encourages shoppers to visit your store over others that don’t offer it
  • Wall Mounted Canopies reduce Sun glare inside the building and keeps it cooler inside on hot, stuffy days
  • Walkway canopies encourage shoppers to visit your retail park or shopping village as they know they can keep dry whilst shopping.


Recent Retail Canopy Case Studies

Retail Entrance Canopy installed at Lidl Supermarket in Hampshire

Lidl Supermarket, Hampshire

Lidl Supermarket in Hampshire were experiencing a number of incidents of customers slipping over and needed to address the issue...


Retail Cycle Shelter installed at Clacton Factory Shopping Village in Essex 

Clacton Factory Shopping Village, Essex

Clacton Factory Shopping Village required a cycle shelter in their car park so their customers could store bikes safely whilst shopping...


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