Retail Trolley SheltersRetail Trolley SheltersRetail Trolley SheltersRetail Trolley SheltersRetail Trolley Shelters

Retail Trolley Shelters

Our Trolley Shelters are made from the highest quality materials and are all commercial grade, meaning they are perfect for use by lots of customers within busy, retail sites.

Trolley shelters create designated areas where staff and customers can store or easily find a shopping trolley when on your premises which also creates a dry storage area, ensuring customers do not have to use a wet trolley, which may put them off shopping in the store.
Darcy Shopping Trolley ShelterDarcy Shopping Trolley Shelter The Darcy Shopping Trolley Shelter is a cost effective shelter that offers a stylish place to store your trolleys whilst keeping them protected from the elements.
Melbury Trolley ShelterMelbury Trolley Shelter The Melbury Trolley Shelter features an attractive mono-pitch roof design and is covered with clear glass panels that are toughened for extra breakage resistance.