Solar CarportsSolar CarportsSolar CarportsSolar CarportsSolar Carports

Solar Carports for Retail and Commercial Settings

Able Canopies’ solar carports enable you to offer your customers, visitors and staff a dry, sheltered area to park their vehicles whilst visiting your premises, encouraging shoppers to visit you even in the rain.

As an added bonus, a solar carport generates free electricity which you can use to run your building which saves you money on your electricity bills and you can also earn money for using the energy you product too.

If you are looking to become a much more ECO friendly company and would like a carport or canopy that will pay for itself then our solar carports are sure to cover your needs.

Solar Carports - Free Solar Carport GuideFree Solar Carport Guide
Download our free Solar Carport Guide now to find our more about Solar Carports, how they work and how they can benefit your organisation.

Benefits of Solar Carports
To find out just a number of the beneifts that solar carports offer, click here Solar Carport Benefits

If you have any questions, or would like to arrange a Free Site Survey for a Solar Carport,
contact our expert team or email:
Prior Weston Primary School - Free Standing CanopyPrior Weston Primary School - Free Standing Canopy A Kensington Dual Pitch Free Standing Canopy with the Ascot Solar Upgrade was installed at Prior Weston Primary School in Islington, London in August 2013.
Capel Manor Primary School - Bespoke Solar CanopyCapel Manor Primary School - Bespoke Solar Canopy A Bespoke Free Standing Solar Canopy was installed at Capel Manor Primary School in Enfield, Middlesex in August 2013.
Prior Weston Primary SchoolPrior Weston Primary School County: London
Product Installed: Kensington Dual Pitch Free Standing Canopy with the Ascot Solar Upgrade
Sector: Education
Capel Manor Primary SchoolCapel Manor Primary School County: Middlesex
Product InstalledBespoke Solar Canopy
Sector: Education
Grange Mono-Pitch Solar CanopyGrange Mono-Pitch Solar Canopy Manufactured from steel and covered with high quality solar panels, enabling you to offer your pupils, customers and visitors effective cover from the weather with a canopy that pays for itself.
Grange Apex Solar CanopyGrange Apex Solar Canopy The Grange Apex Solar Canopy features solar panels on both sides of the apex roof, resulting in high solar absorption and even more electricity generated for your school or company.
Kensington Mono-Pitch Solar CanopyKensington Mono-Pitch Solar Canopy The Kensington Mono-Pitch Solar Carport & Canopy protects from the elements whilst also generating free energy for your school or company.
Kensington Dual-Pitch Solar CanopyKensington Dual-Pitch Solar Canopy The Kensington Dual-Pitch Solar Carport & Canopy absorbs solar energy from two directions due to its gull-wing design.
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