Shade Man - Free Sun Safe Activity Pack for Schools

Hey there, it’s great to see you, I’m so glad you popped by. My name is Shade Man and I’m here to help you teach the importance of sun safety within your school.

Shade Man - Free Sun Safety Pack for SchoolsStaying safe in the sun is an important part of day to day life. Teaching young children how to enjoy being in the sun safely is important as good habits gained at an early age will hopefully stay with them into adulthood.

As part of my mission to teach children sun safety, I have created various documents for you to download for free and print. These downloads can be used within your school, adding them to your lesson plans if you wish.

Free Sun Safety Downloads

Download your free sun safe teaching resource activity pack, sun hat template and posters here:

Sun Safe
Activity Pack
Sun Hat
Sun Facts
A3 Poster
How to be Sun
Safe A3 Poster
Free Sun Safe Activity Pack Download Free Sun Hat Template Download - Cut out  Free Sun Facts Poster for Schools - How to be Safe in the Sun Free Sun Saety Poster for Schools - How to be Safe in the Sun
Free Sun Safe Download for Schools Free Sun Safe Download for Schools Free Sun Safe Download for Schools Free Sun Safe Download for Schools

Inside the teaching resource pack, you will find a range of fun and enjoyable activities suitable for children from pre-school to primary school ages.

The activities will help children to learn the importance of staying safe in the sun including what we can do to keep ourselves protected.

The idea of this pack is to get children engaging and working together as well as alone, while learning the importance of sun protection.

There’s a special Shade Man certificate at the end of the pack so you can print it and award it to pupils once they have successfully completed the pupils’ activity section of the pack.

You can also download a Shade Man sun cap so your pupils can look as cool as me and some posters for you to display around your school.

Sun Fact - Sun Safety for Schools

Please Follow Me on Twitter

Shade Man - Follow me on Twitter for sun safety tipsAs I've provided you with the free downloads above, I’d be super grateful if you could do me a big favour and follow and share me on Twitter so I can help spread the sun safe message all across the UK. I’m passionate about sun safety and helping children and adults to enjoy the sun without getting heatstroke, sunburn and skin cancer.

By following me on Twitter, you will also receive a range of great benefits. You can follow me on my weekend adventures as I explore my local area and see what I get up to on my lunch breaks and I will also post sun safety tips.

Follow me here: @ableshademan

Share Your Completed Packs with Me

completed Sun Safe Activity Packs - Able Canopies Ltd.If you follow me on Twitter I’d be so excited if you were to share photos of your completed packs so I can share them and show others how great your pupils hard work is.

Also, if your pupils make the Shade Man hats from the free download above, I’d love to see pictures of them wearing them.

Sun Fact - Sun Safety for Schools

A Little More About Me

Before you go, here’s a bit more info about me so you can get to know me better.

Shade Man - Follow me on Twitter for sun safety tipsShade Man Profile:
Full Name: Able Shade Man
Superhero Name: Shade Man
From: Planet Noxu
Age: 807 years
Height: 5' 9”
Eye Colour: Unknown...
Favourite Drink: Water
Favourite Food: Oranges
Best Friend: Shade Woman
One Thing He Will Not Leave Home Without: Sun hat
Superhero Power: Building canopies to make shade in school playgrounds
Misson: To teach children how to stay safe in the sun
Afraid of: Playgrounds without shade
Twitter Handle: @ableshademan

Sun Fact - Sun Safety for Schools

External Resources

Additional information and resources can be found from the below resources:

MelanomaMe. - Sun Safety advice, counselling, events and awards from MelanomaMe.
Sun Safe Schools - Run by the skin cancer charity Skcin, offering free downloads and information
NHS Sun Safety - Guidance and advice from the NHS
Cancer Research UK - Sun Safety tips from Cancer Research UK

That’s all for now. If you have any questions please email me and I’ll get back to you.

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