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Storage Shelters

Storage Shelters

When you are unloading items and pallets from a lorry or from one building to another, you may often find that you need to leave the items outside, exposing them to the weather before you can bring them inside.

A storage shelter provides a dry, sheltered place for you to leave those items before bringing them inside, whilst keeping them dry and sheltered. Some items can also be left under the shelter for longer periods of time depending on your security.

All of our shelters are high quality structures that are made from commercial materials and are designed with the rigorous settings of the commercial sector in mind.

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Sheldon Storage Shelter
Sheldon Storage Shelter Install a shelter to your outside storage area so that you can store items safely until you are ready to move them elsewhere. It is ideal for offering safety to your goods under the shelter protected from whether and vandalism.

Why Should I Invest in a Storage Shelter?

  • Store items temporarily in a dry, sheltered and designated area
  • Some items can also be stored for longer periods of time depending on the item and your security measures
  • Creates a safe place to store items rather than outside which not only exposes them to the weather but can possibly cause trip hazards and obstructions
  • Keep your outside area looking neat and tidy with all items stored in a specific area
  • Cost effective – a storage shelter is much more cost effective than constructing a new building or extension.
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