Sports Halls and Leisure Centres

Need a comprehensive sports equipment installation, repair, service or maintenance package? Our partners Sportsafe UK Ltd offer a Sports Hall and Leisure Centre Service, this is the perfect solution for keeping your gym and sports hall equipment in a safe and useable condition.

Sports Hall and Leisure Centre Equipment Servicing

During the Sports Hall and Leisure Centre Service, you will have all of your cricket, division and basketball nets inspected, tightened and re-hung. All benches will be varnished, mats and portable equipment will be inspected, tightened and checked for splits, and your floor sockets and game posts will be cleaned where possible and replaced/lubricated.

Why Have Your Sports Equipment Serviced?

  • Make use of more of your equipment
  • Pro-long the life of your equipment
  • Regular maintenance will reduce repair costs
  • Create a safer environment for pupils and staff
  • Comply with safety standards
  • Meet your safety responsibilities

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Further Information

 Sports Hall & Leisure Centre Service
 Cricket Netting  Inspect, tighten fixings, check trolleys.
 Division Netting  Inspect, tighten fixings, check trolleys.
 Basketball  Inspect, tighten fixings, re-hang nets.
 Benches  Tighten fixings, replace covers, varnish tops.
 Mats  Inspect, check for cuts/splits.
 Floor Sockets  Clean where possible, inspect, tighten.
 Game Posts  Replace wheels, check welds, lubricate.
 Storage  Tighten brackets, replace screws.
 All Portable Equipment  Inspect, tighten, lubricate.

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