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An Introduction to Able Canopies

Rain Gutters for Umbrellas

Our Rain Gutters stop the rain from falling off all sides of your umbrella and direct the rainfall to be dispersed into one or more designated areas.

This is particularly appreciated by those using your umbrella during heavy rainfall. You can also use our rain gutters to connect multiple umbrellas together, enabling you to cover extremely large areas with complete coverage from the weather. This also directs rainfall into specified areas.

Rain Gutters are only available with the Blenheim, Richmond and Drayton Umbrellas.

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  • Connect Multiple Umbrellas Together – Rain Gutters can connect multiple umbrellas together seamlessly with full coverage from the weather
  • Cover Large Areas – Connecting multiple umbrellas together with the Rain Gutters enables you to connect an unlimited number of umbrellas so you can cover extremely large areas if required
  • Diverts Rain Fall – You can divert rainfall into designated areas to stop the rain falling off all sides of the umbrella
  • Choice of Colours – The Rain Gutters are available in the same colours as the umbrella fabric so they blend in seamlessly with your umbrella

Colour Options:

The colour options for the Rain Gutters are the same as those for the umbrella they are being fitted to. Please see the product page for the umbrella to see the colour options.

They are available with the Blenheim, Richmond and Drayton Umbrellas.

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