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An Introduction to Able Canopies

Keswick Cantilever Umbrellas

Keswick Cantilever Umbrellas

The Keswick is a striking free standing permanent structure which is ideal for open spaces especially in outdoor learning and play environments. This structure which uses an exclusive waterproof material is able to cover large areas due to its ability to span up to 4m and is supported by maintenance free tubular steel posts which have a diameter of 168mm and upwards.

Able Tensile Structures are permanent structures which are installed by Able Canopies fully trained and DBS (previously known as CRB) checked installation teams.

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  • Waterproof tensile roof which has an unmatched strength with a weight of 590 g/sqm
  • Ease of maintenance with a consistently smooth appearance
  • Available with a width of up to 4m
  • High UV protection from the sun's harmful UV rays
  • Supported by maintenance free tubular steel posts which have a diameter of 168mm upwards depending on the size of the tensile roof
  • The steel posts are available galvanised or powder coated to any standard RAL colour. Other non-standard RAL colours are available on request.
  • The fabric comes with a 5 year guarantee
  • The framework has a life expectancy of up to 25 years
  • The waterproof fabric is white as standard, however 39 additional colours, including stunning metallic options are available at an additional cost
Forester Primary School - Cantilever UmbrellaForester Primary School - Cantilever Umbrella In August 2020, our installation team fitted a 3m x 3m Keswick Cantilever Umbrella at Foresters Primary School in Surrey.
Old Palace Primary SchoolOld Palace Primary School Our fitting team, installed a 4m x 4m Keswick Waterproof Tensile Fabric Structure at Old Palace Primary School in April 2016.
St Cuthbert Mayne School - Tensile UmbrellaSt Cuthbert Mayne School - Tensile Umbrella A Keswick Cantilever Umbrella was installed at St Cuthbert Mayne School in Torquay, Devon in August 2011.
Bordesley Village Primary School - Second InstallationBordesley Village Primary School - Second Installation A Keswick Cantilever Umbrella was Installed at Bordesley Village Primary School in Birmingham, West Midlands.
Naphill & Walters Ash Pre-School - Tensile UmbrellaNaphill & Walters Ash Pre-School - Tensile Umbrella A Keswick Cantilever Umbrella was installed at Naphill & Walters Ash Pre-School in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
Grove Park Primary School - Tensile Fabric UmbrellaGrove Park Primary School - Tensile Fabric Umbrella A Keswick Tensile Umbrella was installed at Grove Park Primary School in Chiswick, London
Christ the King RC Primary SchoolChrist the King RC Primary School A Keswick Cantilever Umbrella was installed at Christ the King RC Primary School, Manchester, Greater Manchester.
Menston Pre- School - Umbrella CanopyMenston Pre- School - Umbrella Canopy A Keswick Cantilever Umbrella was installed at Menston Pre- School, Ilkley, West Yorkshire.

The Fabric

Our exclusive tensile fabric is completely waterproof and is constructed from a woven base cloth which has high tenacity polyester threads. Throughout the manufacturing process, the fabric is coated under constant tension in both warp and weft directions giving it a high performance polymer surface layer. The exclusive technology used on the yarn, gives it true elongation resistance, so once coated, minimum movement in the finished product will occur which is a key factor in the durability of the fabric on your tensile structure.

The Keswick is supplied with white fabric as standard however, if you would like a colourful structure to match your surroundings, there are 39 additional colours to choose from which are available at an additional cost. The fabric can adapt to any required shape and size including walkways and umbrellas which makes them particularly suited to the education and leisure sectors. The flexibility of the fabric allows us to present you with an exciting range of tensile structures in whatever commercial settings you require cover for.

The Keswick Umbrella requires only periodic cleaning. To clean the structure we recommend a solution of warm water and a non-abrasive cleaner. For more information please see the maintenance schedule which is found in your After Sales pack.

High UV Protection
The tensile fabric is UV stabilised offering the highest UV protection. It blocks up to 99% of the suns harmful UV rays

Excellent Fire Performance
The fabric of the Tensile Structures are tested to BS 7837.

Fabric Weight
The weight of the fabric is 590 g/sqm which gives it ultimate tear and split resistance. The tensile fabric has a strength of 250/250 da N/ 5 cm.


Click here to view the Keswick Umbrella Technical Specification Sheet


The Keswick fabric is supplied white as standard. There are 39 additional colours which are available on request at additional cost including contemporary and vibrant colours.

Click here to view the full fabric colour range > Tensile Colour Options


The Keswick Umbrella's steel framework is available powder coated in any standard RAL colour. Other non-standard RAL colours are available on request at an additional cost.

Please click here to view the full RAL colour range >

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