Who We Work With

We are proud of our track record of success when working with leading companies in construction, retail and architecture.

This page highlights some of the organisations we have completed projects for in the past. Many of them, particularly in the construction and architecture sectors, are people who we continue to work with and have built excellent relationships with. ‘If a man is known by the company he keeps’ then we hope that you can tell a lot about our commitment to quality and professionalism from the people who trust us with their canopy installations.

Our relationships with contractors have been built over many years. They are based on our commitment to quality, site safety and design innovation. To find out more about our service for contractors and to read specific case studies please click here: https://www.ablecanopies.co.uk/s/contractors/

As with our work with contractors, the relationships we have with architects are important and we put a lot of work into building and maintain those contacts. For example, we have a separate technical website that gives specifiers the ability to use relevant drawings and specifications. For more on our service with architects, click here: https://www.ablecanopies.co.uk/s/architects/

Retail, Leisure, Hospitality, Commercial and Healthcare
We have extensive experience of working with retail, leisure and hospitality brands and the commercial and healthcare sectors to provide effective weather protection and deliver brand consistency. Our canopies provide customer comfort, additional dining space and secure cycle parking. For more on our work in this area, click here: Canopies for Retail, Leisure and Hospitality and Canopies for Healthcare Settings.

Through our work in education we have worked with many councils across the UK. To do this we have had to meet all the relevant criteria related to site safety, product testing, quality materials and competitive pricing. 

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