35mm Multi-Wall Polycarbonate

35mm Multi-Wall Polycarbonate

Here at Able Canopies, we use only the very best materials for our canopies from the main frame to the roof sheets and the bolts. The roof material that we use on three of our most popular products is a 35mm lightweight, multiwall polycarbonate that is manufactured by Brett Martin.

You will find this high quality sheeting on the Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy, the Grange Free Standing Mono-Pitch Free Standing Canopy, the Double Grange Free Standing Canopy & the Ullswater Apex Free Standing Canopy.

This robust sheeting offers many benefits, making it perfect for the rigours of commercial settings such as schools, nurseries, healthcare, retail and leisure.

The polycarbonate is available in a range of colours to suit the canopy and the surrounding environment and is characterised by:

  • High optical clarity
  • Excellent light transmission
  • High impact resistance
  • Damage and impact resistant
  • Long life high UV protection
  • Excellent Fire Performance

UV Protection

During the manufacturing process, the polycarbonate is coextruded with a long life UV protection layer to offer ultimate protection from the sun’s UV rays. This also prevents yellowing of the panels and loss of strength, giving it longer life.


The polycarbonate can be supplied with your canopy in 3 different colours: clear, opal tint and bronze tint. Clear and opal are the standard colours available with opal being the most popular choice as more shade is offered with this option, whereas clear creates a brighter, lighter space.

Light Transmission

These polycarbonate panels allow high levels of natural light to show through the canopy. The light transmission differs with the colour of the polycarbonate. Please see the table below for more details.

Colour Light Transmission
Clear 64%
Opal 33%

Temperature Resistance

The polycarbonate can be installed in a range of environments with varying temperatures because it is known to remain stable in prolonged conditions in temperatures ranging from -20°c to +100°c.

Impact Resistance

The polycarbonate has a high impact resistance and is approximately 200 times more resistant to impact than glass.

Fire Resistance

Our 35mm polycarbonate panels benefit from excellent fire performance, meeting the BS476 part 7, class 1 and EN 13501 B-S1, d0.

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