Outdoor Classrooms

Outdoor Classrooms enable you to move lessons outside, adding more teaching space to your school as well as enabling you to separate classes if needed, to make classes more spacious. They are permanent external structures that can be attached to, or separate from your main school building and can be constructed from a range of materials including aluminium, steel and timber.
Outdoor Classrooms

Outdoor Classrooms for UK Schools

At Able Canopies, you can configure your own outdoor modular classroom by choosing the base product (from our range of commercial canopies), then choosing how many side panels and doors you’d like, and whether you’d like them in transparent or clear.

The steel and aluminium framed outdoor classrooms can be finished in any RAL colour, enabling them to fit in perfectly with your current environment. The timber structures are available in a choice of 13 stains.

If you’re looking to create more space at your school, an extension can be a costly addition, not to mention the amount of work involved in such a build however, an outdoor classroom could be the perfect solution.

Our modular outdoor classrooms are manufactured completely bespoke to your needs. You can choose how many sides are enclosed with side panels, whether the side panels are transparent, and where you’d like the door and how many.

We understand that you may prefer to only enclose one side of the canopy, as you may be able to make use of your existing building to enclose the canopy. You can also gain more use from existing outdoor alcoves that are otherwise underused, similar to Manor Longbridge Infant School in Essex where we installed a timber canopy without side panels.

If you’d like to join your new modular classroom to your existing classroom, our Wall Mounted Modular Outdoor Classrooms are the perfect solution. They create a free flow learning environment so you and your pupils can walk from your main building to your outdoor classroom, without exposure the rain or wind.

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Our Modular Outdoor Classrooms:

Outdoor Classroom Transformation

Watch the video below to see the transformation at The Spires College in Devon. We replaced their old canopy for a brand new, much bigger timber canopy which makes such a difference.

Find out more about the installation at The Spires College here: Outdoor Classroom in Devon

Outdoor Classroom Ideas

If you’re looking for outdoor classroom design ideas visit our blog: Outdoor Classroom Ideas

Our Modular Outdoor Classrooms at a Glance

Timber Outdoor Classrooms

Our timber modular outdoor classrooms can be wall mounted or freestanding and add a dash of elegance to your outdoor setting whilst also modernising it or fitting in with your contemporary appearance.

They are constructed from Glulam timber and are available with mono or curved roof beams which make a fantastic feature of your outside area.

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Wall Mounted Outdoor Classrooms

Our wall mounted modular outdoor classrooms are constructed using our popular Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy, and our canopy side panels and doors.

They are perfect for those that wish to create a seamless integration form the inside to the outside with full weather protection when transitioning from the traditional indoor classroom to the outdoor classroom.

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Freestanding Outdoor Classrooms

Our freestanding modular outdoor classrooms feature our Welford Dome Junior Freestanding Canopy as the base product, and you can add our canopy side panels and doors as you wish to create the outdoor classroom that fits the conception you had in mind.

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“Swift service working around the needs of the school. Many thanks”

- New Pasture Lane Primary School, East Yorkshire

Benefits of Outdoor Classrooms

Outdoor classrooms offer several benefits for schools that enhance educational experiences and foster a better learning environment. Here are some of the key advantages:

  • Enhanced Learning Engagement: Learning in a natural setting can increase student engagement and curiosity. The changing scenery and open environment can stimulate students’ senses and make the learning process more enjoyable and impactful.
  • Improved Physical Health: Being outdoors naturally encourages physical activity. Even passive engagement with outdoor spaces can reduce stress levels and increase physical well-being, contributing to healthier students.
  • Boosted Mental Health: Studies suggest that exposure to natural settings can lower stress, improve mood, and enhance mental health. An outdoor classroom allows students to enjoy these benefits regularly, which can translate to better attention and lower anxiety during learning activities.
  • Connection with Nature: Outdoor classrooms provide students with the opportunity to connect with nature, promoting environmental awareness and stewardship from an early age. This is particularly important in today’s digital age, where children might spend less time outdoors.
  • Practical Learning Opportunities: Outdoor settings are ideal for teaching certain subjects like science, geography, and biology in a more hands-on, experiential manner. Students can learn about ecosystems, weather patterns, and more through direct observation and interaction.
  • Enhanced Social Skills: The less formal setting of an outdoor classroom encourages more spontaneous interactions and can help improve communication and social skills among students. This environment is often less intimidating, allowing quieter students to participate more fully.
  • Adaptability and Customisable Spaces: Outdoor classrooms can be designed to fit various educational needs and teaching styles. At Able Canopies, we tailor each installation to meet the specific requirements of our clients, ensuring that the outdoor classroom not only supports but enhances the educational agenda.
  • Can be Used All Year Round: Because outdoor classrooms are enclosed with side panels and doors, they can be sued all year round, in all weather conditions, keeping all pupils and staff inside dry and sheltered from the rain.
  • Ideal for Messy Lessons: Outdoor classrooms are ideal for messy lessons such as art as its easier to clean up outside in the modular outdoor classroom compared to the traditional indoor classrooms with carpets and fabric furniture.
  • Perfect for Loud Lessons: They are also perfect for loud lessons such as music as you are away from the school building so you are less likely to disturb other classes that would usually be your neighbours.

These benefits highlight why many schools and educational institutions are increasingly incorporating outdoor classrooms into their curriculum planning. For establishments looking to add or improve their outdoor learning environments, Able Canopies provides high-quality, custom-designed solutions that align with your educational goals and needs.

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Outdoor Classroom Case Studies

Weald of Kent Grammar School

Weald of Kent Grammar School were having a number of building works completed at their school in Tonbridge, Kent. Part of their requirements were to add a cover from the weather to the outdoor area adjacent to their dining room, to extend their dining area into the outdoors. The addition of side panels and doors enclosed the area enough to provide full weather protection, whilst keeping an outdoorsy feel to the area. This installation is a great example of how our modular outdoor classrooms have more than one use.

Read the full case study: Outdoor Classroom in Kent

Outdoor Classroom Frequently Asked Questions


What are the Benefits of an Outdoor Classroom?

Outdoor classrooms provide numerous benefits including enhanced pupil engagement, improved mental and physical health, and greater opportunities for hands-on learning. They foster a connection with nature, which can enhance creativity and reduce stress. Additionally, outdoor classrooms can accommodate various learning styles and promote environmental stewardship.


What Types of Activities Can be Conducted in an Outdoor Classroom?

Outdoor classrooms can be used for a wide range of lessons and activities, such as science experiments, art projects, reading sessions, physical education, and environmental education. They are versatile spaces that can be adapted for use in nearly any subject area, providing a dynamic and stimulating learning environment.


How do Outdoor Classrooms Support Curriculum Standards?

Outdoor classrooms can support curriculum standards by providing real-world contexts for learning. For example, science lessons on ecosystems, weather patterns, and plant biology can be taught directly within nature. Literacy and math skills can also be integrated through activities such as nature journaling and measuring plant growth.


What are the Essential Features of an Outdoor Classroom?

Essential features typically include durable, weather-resistant materials for the frame and roof covering. Our outdoor classrooms are all constructed from the highest quality steel, aluminium or Glulam timber frames and are all covered with vandal and shatter resistant polycarbonate roof panels that do not discolour over time.
Internal features can include furniture such as tables and seating, freestanding whiteboards, and areas for planting or gardening.


How Can We Ensure the Outdoor Classroom is Safe and Accessible?

Safety and accessibility are paramount. This includes ensuring the area is free of hazards, and making pathways and seating accessible for all students, including those with disabilities. Regular maintenance and inspections are also crucial to maintain safety standards.


What are the Costs Associated with Installing an Outdoor Classroom?

The costs can vary widely depending on the size, features, and materials used. Some funding may be available through grants for schools, local government programs, or community fundraising efforts.


How Long Does it Take To Install an Outdoor Classroom?

The timeline for installation depends on the complexity of the project. Simple setups may take just a couple of days, while larger, more elaborate designs could a couple of weeks. It is advisable to plan well in advance and consider factors such as weather and school schedules to minimize disruption. We can install our outdoor classrooms during term time, keeping the areas fenced off safely, or during the school holidays, for minimal disruption.


Can an Outdoor Classroom be Used Year-Round?

Yes, our outdoor classrooms can be used year-round. Features such as lighting and heating can be added to your outdoor classroom to make them more comfortable during the colder months.


What Maintenance is Required for an Outdoor Classroom?

Maintenance needs will vary based on the materials and features included. Tasks might include cleaning the polycarbonate roof panels from time to time and inspecting guttering for any blockages. Establishing a maintenance schedule can help keep the space in optimal condition and ensure the outdoor classroom lasts longer.


How Can We Involve the Community in Creating and Using the Outdoor Classroom?

Community involvement can be a great asset. Engaging parents, local businesses, and community organisations in the planning and development stages can provide additional resources and support. Additionally, community members can be involved in the ongoing use of the space, such as through volunteer-led programs or events.