Outdoor Classroom Ideas

Outdoor Classroom Ideas

When it comes choosing a big investment for your school, its always best to research the options available to ensure your money is well spend and you end up with the perfect structure. That’s why we have put together a selection of outdoor classroom ideas for you to ponder over.

There are many designs to choose from including the main construction material of the outdoor classroom, whether you enclose it fully, partially, or not at all and whether you add secure lockable doors or keep entry ways open.

You can also choose whether to have them connected to your main building for a seamless flow from the indoors to the outdoors with full weather protection, other whether to have them installed further away from the building to create a specific outdoor classroom spot within your school grounds.

So, here are a few ideas to help you choose:

Outdoor Classroom Ideas

Outdoor Classroom Construction Material 

Our outdoor classrooms are available in the three main materials available on the market which are steel, aluminium and timber.

The Welford Dome Junior is constructed from stainless steel and can be powder coated in any of our standard RAL colours (non-standard colours are also available). The Coniston features a fully aluminium frame, equipped with integrated aluminium guttering and downpipes. And the Tarnhow Outdoor Classroom is constructed from innovative Glulam timber, which enables us to create the attractive and striking curved timber roof bars.

Enclosing Your Outdoor Classroom 

Because our outdoor classrooms are effectively our canopies with canopy extras added, transforming them into outdoor classrooms, you can choose how you enclose them and by how much. Our canopy side panels feature vandal and shatter resistant polycarbonate are perfect for enclosing your outdoor classroom and you can choose whether to add them to all four sides or just one, two or three sides.

We can also add secure lockable doors including DDA doors, or you can leave an entry way clear to keep more of an outdoorsy feel to your outdoor classroom.

Freestanding and Wall Mounted Outdoor Classrooms 

We have two freestanding outdoor classrooms in our range and one wall mounted outdoor classroom to give you ample choice and with the canopy extras and alterations we can make in the design stage, your outdoor classrooms can really become your own.

Our wall mounted outdoor classrooms are ideal for those that would like a seamless flow from the indoors to the outdoors with full weather protection. Whereas freestanding outdoor classrooms are idea for those that would like them installed further away from the building, to create a designated outdoor classroom area within their school grounds.

Outdoor Classroom Ideas and Designs

Configure Your Outdoor Classroom 

Instantly download your free guide to configuring your outdoor classroom to help you build the perfect outdoor classroom for your school.

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