Design & Specification

Create the canopy you want with our bespoke design and build service.

Design & Specification

We have an extensive range of canopies and various options within that range that suit most requirements – large projection required? No problem. Solar panels? We can do that. Want a sustainable wood frame? We’ve got that covered.

But sometimes only a bespoke solution will do. That could be because of the uniqueness of the site, the material being used or the desire for a stand out look that not only provides safe cover but makes a statement as well.

This is where our Design and Build service comes in. Bring us your idea or challenge and our team of experts will create the solution you need to meet your individual needs.

We over 18 years’ experience of designing and installing canopies and shelters across the UK our team bring a wealth of experience and the latest in materials and installation techniques that will bring your canopy idea to life.

Our Service

The earlier you can involve us in your project the more complete our service will be, which means the better the outcome of your project will be.

A challenging brief or site can often drive innovation. We regularly create customised fixings, devise new uses for our systems and bring in new technologies, such as solar panels.

Our service is based on these key principles:

1. We have a wealth of specific knowledge, experience and insight that helps us to produce your bespoke designs.

2. We will produce designs which are responsive to your unique requirements and the requirements of the project, budget and the site as a whole

3. As an experienced provider, we will be sure to integrate our works into your project timelines, whilst regularly reporting on progress

4. We will rigidly adhere to any CDM regulations and codes of practice required on a project

5. Every stage of our service from interpretation through to installations is subject to rigorous quality procedures to ensure your expectations are exceeded

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