Gravesend Bus Hub, Kent Case Study Case Study

Council: Kent County Council
Contractor: FM Conway
Products: Three Dual-Pitch Kensington Free Standing Canopies and one Bespoke Grasmere Timber Clad Waiting Shelter
Kensington Dual-Pitch Free Standing Canopy: 2no. 19.22m x 4m
Kensington Dual-Pitch Free Standing Canopy: 1no. 41.4m x 6m
Bespoke Grasmere Timber Shelter: 1no. 5.93m x 1.96m
Frame Colours: Kensington & Grasmere Steel Frames – Cobalt Blue RAL 5013
Installation Dates:
Phase one: September 2021
Phase two: March 2022

The Brief

The Fastrack Development Manager at Kent County Council reached out to Able Canopies as they were looking for advice and guidance on requirements they had for several shade and shelter solutions to be included within the overall design package for a new bus hub project in Gravesend. They had seen our previous installation of two bespoke Kensington Solar Canopies at Bournemouth University which was also used as bus shelters and were looking to incorporate something of a similar design into their project.

Whilst the canopies at Bournemouth University featured solar panels, Kent County Council were looking for polycarbonate roof panels yet, with the same striking design as the Kensington Dual-Pitch Free Standing Canopy.

The Solution

Fortunately, our Kensington range of canopies can be supplied with a choice polycarbonate or toughened glass, making it the perfect solution for Kent County Councils’ new bus hub. We proposed the Kensington Dual-Pitch Free Standing Canopy as this was their favoured design and it fitted the design requirements perfectly. The Kensington system has the capability to accommodate lighting, signage cable trays/trunking and so on, all of which were being considered for the project.

They also needed to incorporate a small building which would be used as a waiting area for passengers and drivers. After reviewing the specifications required for the waiting area, we proposed a bespoke version of our Grasmere Timber Shelter. The timber shelter would feature integrated benches with an area without benches to free up more space for passengers and drivers to stand.

The Installation

In September 2021, we completed phase one which included two of the Kensington Dual-Pitch Free Standing Canopies. These canopies were the perfect choice for their bus shelters because the contemporary and unobtrusive design fitted in with the area seamlessly, and they feature centre posts rather than both front and rear posts. Also, the gull-wing design provides ample shelter from the elements.

In March 2022, we returned to site and completed phase two which included the installation of the third Kensington Dual-Pitch Free Standing Canopy and the bespoke Grasmere Timber Shelter. This structure complimented the timber seating and bins on site and created the perfect waiting area with additional weather protection, mimicking that of an open building for passengers and drivers to wait within as requested. The timber panel which runs along the back of the bench blocks driving rain and the opening at the end of the shelter allows for easy access from both sides and for people to stand.

Gravesend Bus Hub was a large job that was to be built within a busy town centre construction site, which is situated next to the town’s train station. Our installation teams are well experienced in working on busy construction sites and followed all site requirements with no problems as expected.

In June 2022, Kent County Council officially unveiled their brand-new bus hub to the public. The total project, which included works from other contractors cost £2.5 million and was brought to life as part of the Kent Thameside Local Sustainable Transport schemes package.

The hub was intended to upgrade and enhance the transport connection between buses, trains, and bikes in Gravesend town centre and we feel that has most definitely been achieved.

Kent County Council’s video below showcases the whole project which includes our canopies and is well worth a watch:

Video credit: Kent County Council & FM Conway

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