Commercial Awnings

Our Commercial Awnings offer an attractive way to create temporary shade to external settings offering a great way to provide shade when needed and you can also retract the awning when shade is not required to enjoy the open sky instead.

Commercial Awnings

Our Awnings have been designed to withstand the rigours of any commercial setting, making them ideal for schools, nurseries, restaurants, pubs & care homes. Popular applications include providing shelter for smoking areas, outdoor eating and seating areas, and providing much needed shade in Early Years’ play areas. So if your’e looking for a restaurant awning, school awning, shop awning or hospital awning contact us to find out more. View our video below that explains all the features and benefits of our range.

Download your free copy of The Good Awning Guide and discover the benefits an awning can provide to businesses and schools, the most popular uses, and which features to look out for when choosing an awning.

We offer both manual and electronic awnings and each can be fitted with a choice of over 150 fabric colours including striped and plain fabric. The framework can be powder coated to over 50 colours, allowing you to match your awning to its surroundings.

Our Palladio and Australia awnings have been tested up to wind Force 5 on the Beaufort scale and have a wind resistance of class 2 according to DIN13561. They also come with a full 2 year guarantee.

Click on the categories below to view our range of commercial Awnings:

School Awnings

Many schools choose to have awnings fitted to offer temporary shade for areas where permanent shade isn’t ideal, such as in a playground which is also used for sports. A permanent canopy could limit the area used for the sports activity, whereas an awning can easily be closed to provide a larger area for the activity.

Alternatively school awnings are great if you require cover but don’t want to have any posts on the structure. This also makes awnings ideal for nurseries and pre-schools as this doesn’t restrict the covered area that the children can play and learn under. Retracting an awning after hours avoids vandalism when your school is closed and can be put away when sporting events are on to avoid sports balls falling on top of the awning and causing damage.

A school awning will create a cool shaded area within your grounds for your pupils to cool down under on hot sunny days avoiding sun stroke and heat exhaustion.

Restaurant Awnings

Our awnings are perfect for use within restaurants to provide shade to outdoor diners. A restaurant awning, allows you to offer more dining space which results in more diners and more revenue. You can create a covered al fresco dining space that provides shade on bright sunny days, making your guests experience much more pleasant, resulting in them staying longer and buying more drinks and deserts!

The Palladio Restaurant Awning and the Australia Restaurant Awning both feature aluminium frames and are covered with high quality fabric that is available in over 200 colours/patterns in total.

Commercial Awning Case Study

BBC Television Centre, London

We installed a retractable awning at  the BBC Television
Centre in London to provide an outdoor covered smoking
area for their staff at their studio in the London Borough
of Hammermith & Fulham.

Read more > BBC Television Centre Case Study

A Guide to Awnings

Awnings are the ideal shade solution for those that would like temporary shade that is effortless to open and close as and when needed.

When it comes to choosing the perfect awning for your setting there are a few options:


The Primary Use of the Awning:

It is important to be clear on what you awning will be used for; ideal applications include shade for outdoor play or outdoor dining or seating areas, some temporary cover for smokers on sunny days, and to shade internal windows and create an attractive front to a building. Awnings are designed to provide shade from the sun; they can be used in a very light rain shower but should be closed in any bad weather.

So if you are looking for an all weather shade and shelter solution, or you would like an area to be permanently covered, a canopy is probably more suited to your needs (our Coniston canopy is wall mounted like an awning and is an extremely cost effective option which offers permanent cover from sun and rain).




If you have an educational or commercial setting it is vital that you choose an awning that is robust and durable so that it will survive the demands expected of it in such an environment. Therefore, we recommend choosing an awning of the highest quality which has been designed for use in commercial settings as these will last a lot longer.

If your awning is for domestic use and will only have light use, then the budget awnings may well be suitable however, a higher quality product will give you a longer lasting & smarter looking shade solution and may also have a longer guarantee.



Awnings are available in a range of colours, once you have found a high quality awning, you may wish to discover the colours that the awning is available in as they may not offer a colour that matches your requirements. Our awnings are available in over 200 colours including striped and plain fabrics.



Awnings generally are not available in extremely large widths for safety reasons; however you will need to establish the size you require in order to discover if an awning is big enough for your shelter needs. Our commercial awnings are available up to 7 metres wide with a maximum projection of 3.6m when fully opened enabling them to cover fairly large areas whilst still conforming to safety regulations.


Manual or Electric Operation

Listed below are the benefits of Manual and electric awnings to help you choose which function would be best for you.

Manually Operated  Awning Benefits Electronically Operated Awning Benefits
Electric installation is not required – therefore it will be a quicker installation Easier to open and shut the awning
No need to check to see if there is an electrical supply in close proximity to the awning The awning can be retracted whilst indoors depending on where the switch is installed
Cheaper than an electrical awning



Choosing an awning that comes with a guarantee gives you peace of mind that not only does the manufacturer guarantee that this product is of the highest quality but they will also repair the product should it have any faults that conform with the guarantee. All Able Canopies awnings come with a 2 year guarantee for your peace of mind.

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Download Your Good Awning Guide

Download your free copy of The Good Awning Guide to help you choose the perfect awning for your outdoor setting.