Thomas Ferens Academy

Thomas Ferens Academy Case Study

Thomas Ferens Academy, East Yorkshire

Products: Two Kensington Mono-Pitch Free Standing Canopies
Size: 12.3m x 6.3m and 17.95m x 1.41m
Additional Options: Powder Coated Grey
Estimated Value: £100,000 – £150,000 (Including Cycle Compounds)

The Brief
Thomas Ferens Academy required two large free-standing canopies at their academy in Hull, East Yorkshire. This academy was built on the former Princess Elizabeth Playing Fields and opened in September 2012. It is one of the 19 new or refurbished schools delivered by Hull Esteem Consortium, the organisation appointed by Hull City Council to carry out the city’s Building Schools for the Future programme. They required two free-standing canopies to be installed on the opposite sides of the sports hall for the pupils to stand under whilst waiting to get into the hall.

They also required a number of cycle compounds and racks to be installed at the same time. (To read more about the cycle parking installations, please see the Thomas Ferens Academy Case Study part II.

The Solution
Able Canopies Operations attended a number of meetings with the Site Manager in order to create the shelter & shade structures that Thomas Ferens Academy required.

The school required three cycle compounds, two of which needed to be bespoke products to fit in with the design of the school. Able Canopies therefore presented a number of cycle compound designs to Sewell Group for approval. However, when looking for the canopy solution, the site manager was very interested in our Kensington Mono-Pitch Free Standing Canopy and therefore did not feel the need to ask us to adapt this canopy structure.

Prior to installation a pre-site meeting was arranged so that all parties could discuss the installation schedule and any matters that may arise and how to avoid them. A plan was drawn up in order to work around the other sub contractors on site, large deliveries and ensure there was access for large articulated lorries needed for the installation. A programme was also created stating the order in which the canopies and compounds were to be installed in, ensuring that they would fit in with the schedule of the other work ongoing on site.

During the installation the schedule drawn up by Able Canopies required a review to allow time for other installations which were also ongoing on site to be completed. This problem was easily overcome by the Able Canopies team as they had been previously arranged to have all steel work delivered to the site at the same time and prior to the install, and so this allowed for the schedule to be rearranged and other installations were brought forward to be completed first.

It was agreed that Able Canopies would bolt the canopies to the existing building foundations as these were calculated to be structurally safe to do so. However, upon excavation it was established that this was not an option due to that fact that the foundations had been installed as a different size than planned.

Able Canopies therefore designed a special bracket to bolt the canopy and existing building foundations together, making the canopies fully cantilevered.

On completion of the installations the project manager from Sewell Group was very pleased with the service received from Able Canopies describing it as a “magnificent, outstanding performance”.

Testimonial from Martin Standley, Project Manager – Sewell Group
“Today we have successfully handed over the Thomas Ferens Academy to a delighted client. We have spoken many times about our desire to achieve world class award winning quality and after the reaction from our client today I believe that we have achieved it. I would like to offer my personal thanks to you and your workforce for a magnificent, outstanding performance and quite simply without the care dedication and sheer hard work demonstrated by all, we would not be where we are today. Thanks once again for a truly outstanding performance.”

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