Weald of Kent Grammar School – Case Study

Weald of Kent Grammar School – Case Study Case Study

Product: The Coniston Free Standing Canopy
Size: 17.4m x 4m
Accessories: Polycarbonate Side & Front Panels and 3no. Aluminium Double Glazed Twin Doors with Panic Bars
Canopy Post Colour: Hipca White – RAL 9910
Installation Date: Phase 1 – 4th – 8th April  |  Phase 2 – 12th – 13th May 2022

The Brief
Weald of Kent Grammar School were having some building works completed at their school in Tonbridge, Kent. As part of the renovation, they wanted to create an outdoor space which would be protected from the weather whilst still keeping an open and airy feel to the area which would be used to extend their dining area into the outdoors all year round.

The Solution
After looking through our product portfolio, they could see that the Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy would be the perfect solution, the addition of polycarbonate side panels and doors, similar to our modular outdoor classrooms, would provide the full weather protection required, whilst still having full visibility inside and out.

Once we carried out a full site survey, it was established that the building which the canopy would be mounted on, was a hollow render wall. We therefore suggested that we still use the Coniston canopy, however, we add rear posts transforming it into the Coniston Free-Standing Canopy. This would guarantee the strength of the back of the canopy and prevent any cracks in the render of the building.

When fixing a wall-mounted canopy, we always carry out a full site survey to determine whether the wall is suitable for fixing a wall mounted canopy to it. If it isn’t we can always add rear posts to the Coniston, or offer an alternative free-standing canopy from our range of standard canopies.

Due to the design of the building which had an overhang, we needed to create two bespoke side panels to fit under the overhang and attach to the canopy. This creates full weather protection under the canopy, blocking wind and rain from blowing in via the ends. The canopy is essentially similarly to a conservatory with the exception of small gaps underneath the side panels to allow for wind uplift which is essential for enclosed canopies to ensure full durability during high winds.

The Installation
The installation went ahead in two phases, the first was to install the canopy and side panels. The second phase was to install the aluminium double glazed doors which feature panic bars on the inside and key lock and handles on the outside. These specific doors were chosen because they are similar in appearance to the doors installed onto the main building, keeping the appearance consistent.

The pupils at Weald of Kent Grammar School can now choose to enjoy their lunch inside, or outside under their new canopy, even on days that it is raining.

Above: After the Canopy Installation

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