Wall Mounted Canopies

Our range of wall mounted canopies are manufactured from a choice of steel or aluminium and are covered with either glass or polycarbonate, leaving with you a robust canopy that will last for many years to come.

Our range of wall mounted canopies caters for all budgets; our cost conscious Coniston canopy has clean, simple design which suits all types of architecture and provides excellent cover. It is ideal for organisations that have a smaller budget. Whilst our Tarnhow range offers a luxury alternative, with aesthetically stunning glulam frames and polycarbonate or vibrant waterproof tensile fabric roofing, ideal for organisations looking to make a statement with their weather protection.

The Benefits of a Wall Mounted Canopy

  • School Canopies allow easy free-flow play and learning – with uninterrupted cover from inside to out
  • Enables play and learn outside all year round
  • Perfect for use as an outside classroom or an outside dining area
  • Creates a covered waiting area outside your building
  • Extends your classroom, dining area or retail area without the need for intensive building works
  • Protects those underneath from the elements including rain, snow & sun
  • Cools down the inside of the building if installed above a window as it stops the sun from glaring in and causing unwanted heat

Why Choose Us?

Able Canopies have over 18 years experience in the canopy industry and the wall mounted canopy is where it all began. Since day one we have been manufacturing and installing wall mounted canopies for the education, healthcare, leisure, hospitality & retail sectors.

All of our canopies are structurally calculated and we provide wind and snow loadings so you can see for yourself just how well-built & safe our canopies are.

Right from your initial enquiry through to the installation and after, we are always here to help and to answer any questions you may have. Once your canopy has been installed we will issue you with an after sales pack which includes various document including your guarantee if applicable & a canopy maintenance document to help you care for your canopy once it has been installed.

View our full range of canopies here: Canopies

Wall Mounted Canopies systems

Not sure which canopy is right for you?

Download your free copy of The Good Canopy Guide to help you choose the perfect canopy to suit your outdoor setting and to cover your shade and shelter requirements.