Avon Valley Academy – Coniston Freestanding Canopy

In April 2024, we supplied and installed a 12m x 6m Coniston Freestanding Canopy at Avon Valley Academy in Salisbury, Wiltshire.

Avon Valley Academy contacted us with the intention of creating a sheltered outdoor area where one of their school entrances is. Their goal was to provide pupils and staff with year-round protection from the elements upon entering the building.

We recommended the installation of a Coniston Freestanding Canopy as the solution. This canopy would offer a weather-protected, sheltered space, ensuring comfortable access to the outdoors for students and staff, regardless of the season.

Installation Details: 

Size: 12m x 6m

Canopy Colour: Hipca White RAL 9910

Installed at:
Avon Valley Academy
Recreation Road

Installation Date: April 2024

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