Hounslow Town Primary School – Fourth Canopy Install

Hounslow Town Primary School – Fourth Canopy Install

Product: Coniston

Hounslow Town Primary School got in contact with us enquiring about having a canopy installed identical to the one we installed back in 2018.

In August 2020, we installed a 40m x 3m Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy meeting their requirements perfectly. The Coniston creates shelter from rain and shade from the sun with high UV protection; it also keep your building’s interior cool by shading windows and deterring unwanted heat and glare indoors during the bright or sunny weather

Installation Details: 

Size: 40m x 3m

Canopy Colour: Dusty Grey RAL 7037

Installed at:
Hounslow Town Primary School
School Road

Installation Date: August 2020

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