South Ascot Children’s Centre Case Study

South Ascot Children’s Centre Case Study Case Study

South Ascot Children’s Centre, Berkshire

Product: The Meadley Buggy Box
Size: 2.1m x 1.6m
Additional Options: Powder Coated Signal White
Estimated Value: £3,500

South Ascot Children’s Centre required an outdoor shelter to store their pushchairs in. They browsed the Able Canopies website and requested a brochure with the Meadley Buggy Box in mind.

Once the brochure had been received the Children’s Centre contacted Able Canopies by phone to request a full site survey. This was arranged and the Able Canopies surveyor and South Ascot Children’s Centre were able to discuss with each other the options available and the requirements to be met. Once the survey had been completed, a quote was sent out to the Children’s Centre which they were happy with.

The item chosen by the Children’s Centre was the Meadley Buggy Box; they had looked at the Windermere Buggy Shelter, yet felt that the Meadley Buggy Box suited their requirements more specifically.

The original quote included a base to be laid for the buggy shelter to be fitted to, yet later on the Children’s Centre discovered that they did not need a base and asked for a re-quote. Able Canopies were happy to do this and the re-quote was sent out to them the same day.

The buggy shelter was installed within one day, causing no disruption of the daily running of the centre and without any problems.

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