The Brier School – Wall Mounted Canopies

The Brier School – Wall Mounted Canopies

The Brier School a previous customer, contact us enquiring about having some cover added to various areas of their school grounds. They were looking to create outdoor space to some of their classrooms that can be used for outdoor learning and play.

To meet the requirements, we supplied and installed two Coniston Wall Mounted Canopies on Rear Steel Goal Posts in October 2020. The Coniston was the perfect solution as it creates shelter from rain and snow and shade from the sun with high UV protection allowing the pupils to be outdoors in all weather condtions.

Installation Details: 

9m x 2.5m
8m x 2.9m

Canopy Colour: White

Installed at:
The Brier School
Bromley Lane
West Midlands

Installation Date: October 2020

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