Thomas Walling Primary Academy – Coniston Freestanding Canopy Case Study

Case Study

Thomas Walling Primary Academy, Tyne & Wear

Product: The Coniston Freestanding Canopy
Size: 22.8m x 5.5m-3.5m
Frame Colour: Light Blue (RAL 5012)
Roof Panels: 35mm Opal Polycarbonate
Installation Date: August 2023


Thomas Walling Primary Academy sought a canopy solution to offer shade and shelter within their early years/nursery yard, covering a substantial area measuring 55m x 6m. Their objective was to create a large, weather-resistant outdoor space for versatile use.

Situated in Tyne & Wear, this primary academy caters to children aged 2 to 11, offering a stimulating educational experience. Aspiring to enhance their learning environment by extending it outdoors, the school envisioned an all-weather outdoor canopy.

Following discussions with our Sales Advisor, it became apparent that a freestanding canopy was necessary due to the tall windows on the building, leaving limited options for attaching a canopy directly. Furthermore, the school requested installation with a one-meter gap from the building to allow for the opening of windows when needed.


Our proposal introduced the Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy, a favoured structure renowned for its adaptability and compatibility with various spaces. By utilizing rear posts, we managed to create a freestanding canopy while keeping it close to the wall. The versatility of the Coniston allowed us to strategically position the posts to avoid obstructing the windows. This design not only provided shade and shelter to the windows, ensuring a cooler interior on sunny days, but also facilitated seamless integration from indoors to outdoors with complete weather protection.

The Coniston offers a wide array of upgrades and accessories, allowing for personalized customisation to meet precise requirements. Options include side panels, vibrant rainbow banners, signage, secure roller shutters, and more. It can conform to building corners, accommodate obstacles, and adjust roof heights to cover external stairs, offering nearly limitless possibilities.


After reviewing options for the canopy in both white and Signal Blue (RAL 5005), the school selected the blue canopy with a length of 22.39 meters and a projection of 5.5 meters.

When making their decision, the school staff cited our competitive pricing, lack of sales pressure, and the helpful and friendly approach of our survey team.

As previously mentioned, the school opted for the freestanding version of the Coniston due to the building’s design. It was installed closely against the wall to create a wall-mounted effect. To match the courtyard’s shape, the projection was reduced to 3.5 meters at one end to accommodate the fence’s incline. As a result, the canopy features a stylish tapered edge, ensuring a smooth transition from a 5.5m to a 3.5m projection.

Installation took place in August 2023, as planned, spanning six days and was completed on schedule. School staff expressed their satisfaction with the new canopy, with John Plant, the Premises Manager, praising our service, installation, and product as “excellent” and said β€œThe two fitters that constructed the canopy were excellent well experienced and brilliant lads. Very helpful all the way to the end of the job.”


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