Solar Carports & Canopies

Canopies are the perfect base for solar panels, allowing you to generate energy and provide shade and shelter at the same time.

We have four canopy frames which can be paired with most solar panels. We will work with your solar panel provider to select the most suitable canopy for the panels.

Please note, we only supply and install the canopy frame however, once you have sourced your own solar panel supplier, we can work with them for a smooth integration.

If you are unable to install solar panels onto your roof due to the direction of the building, or if shading is a problem, solar canopies are the perfect solution. They can be positioned specifically to enable you to soak up maximum solar energy for a greater saving on your energy bills.

All four structures are robust free-standing are constructed from either steel or aluminium. They can be used as either solar canopies or solar canopies and have a double purpose of providing shade and shelter from the elements, whilst collecting clean energy for your school or business.

They are perfect for reducing your carbon footprint and saving costs on electricity bills. Your solar canopy will pay for itself over the years through the electricity the solar panels generate. Also, with energy bills increasing, the savings you will make on your bills will be greater than before, so now is the perfect time to invest in solar canopy or solar canopy.

Our free-standing solar canopy frames can be used as covered waiting areas, playground canopies, covered walkways, trolley shelters, solar canopies, alfresco dining canopies and much more. They are also brilliant for outdoor learning areas, offering the perfect opportunity to teach pupils about how solar energy is generated and it can help to save the environment.

Solar Power

We designed a range of canopies that are compatible with solar panels (not sourced by Able Canopies) that will last for many years to come. Enabling you to earn back the money that the canopy originally cost you by saving on your energy bills.

Our range of solar canopies are ideal for schools, colleges, the health sector, shopping centres, leisure and holiday resorts or any organisation that is looking to become more sustainable and save on electricity bills. Investing in a solar carport demonstrates dedication and support to renewable energy, sending a very positive message to your students, customers and visitors about the use of eco-friendly solar energy to minimise your impact on the environment.

Benefits of a Solar Carport or Canopy

  • It Will Pay for Itself – Leaving you with a structure that essentially becomes free over the years by generating free energy and therefore saving money on your electricity bills
  • Reduce your Carbon Footprint – Save on electricity bills whilst also reducing your carbon footprint and protect yourself from rising energy prices
  • Excellent Learning Aid – Installing a solar canopy can be an excellent learning aid for lessons such as Geography and Science
  • Positioned to Ensure Optimum Solar Efficiency – We can position the canopies to ensure optimum solar consumption, which is not possible when installing solar panels to existing building roofs
  • You Choose Your Solar Panels – We only supply and install the canopy frame, leaving you to source the solar panels that meet your requirements, can we then work with your supplier for a smooth integration.

How Solar Carports Work


Please read the solar carport frequently asked questions below to find out more about how a solar canopy or carport can benefit you.


What is PV?

PV stands for Photovoltaic and the Photovoltaic effect is the conversion of sunlight into solar energy.


Where will the inverter box be installed?

The inverter box will either be installed onto the canopy or on a nearby wall, depending on which is more suitable. It needs to be kept as close to the solar canopy as possible in order to ensure maximum output and safety of the cables. This will be discussed with your solar panel supplier.


How much will I save on my energy bills if I have a solar canopy installed?

It depends on the canopy installed, the size of the canopy and the positioning. Your solar panel provider will be able to advise you on this.


Why should I choose a solar canopy over having panels installed on my roof?

If you do not have a south facing roof, then you will not generate as much energy, ideally solar panels need to be installed on a south facing roof. Our solar canopies are free standing and can therefore be positioned where required, allowing you to benefit from a full south facing installation.


I have received money from a grant – can I use this to purchase a solar canopy

If the grant allows you to then yes.


Are the solar panels maintenance free?

Most solar panels have no moving parts and are encased within toughened glass panels, however it is advised to clean then bi-annually or annually depending on the geographical area you live in as panels work best when they are clean and dust and grime will therefore reduce the amount of solar energy you produce. You should request details from your solar panel supplier specific to the panels you choose for maintenance instructions.


Am I limited to where I can have a solar canopy installed?

To a certain extent yes, because there are certain factors that can affect the amount of solar energy your canopy is able to absorb. Please see the next question for a list of these factors.


What factors can affect the amount of energy I can produce?

There are many factors that can affect the amount of energy you produce including: The roof pitch of the canopy – the orientation angle of the canopy – mono-pitch solar canopies are perfect for south facing installations and the dual-pitch solar canopies are prefect for east/west installations – The size of the system – Any tree, buildings etc. that may cause shading over the panels – solar irradiation for your area – any future buildings or installations near the canopy that could affect the shading over the canopy in the future.


What is Solar Irradiation for my area?

A Solar Irradiation map shows the average UV levels in each area within the UK, which affects the amount of UV you can absorb. We will supply you with a payback as part of our quotation which will calculate the output of the system based on your geographical location and points above.