Waterproof Shade Sails

Waterproof Shade Sails

Able Canopies waterproof shade sails are high-strength steel structures that are covered with 590 g/sqm waterproof tensile fabric that provides high UV protection as well as shelter from the rain.

They are perfect for all year round weather protection within many settings including schools, hotels, restaurants, pubs, and hospitals.

The fabric has unmatched strength and has been tested to and meets the European fire specifications rating for BS 7837. It is available in over 40 colors including bright and lively and mellow and soothing.

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A Closer Look at our Waterproof Fabric Shade Sails

Our waterproof fabric shade sails are attractive, high strength structures that are built to last. Read on to find out the benefits and features of these striking structures:

The Frame:

  • Robust Steel Design – A strong square steel box design that is rigid and long lasting
  • Available in Any RAL Colour – The steel frame is supplied in white as standard however it is also available in any standard RAL colour giving you a wide choice
  • Cover Large Areas – A single Evershade can cover up to 6m x 6m, multiple structures can also be installed together to cover larger areas
  • Square Frame – The square design makes a unique and stylish shade sail that is easy to decorate during summer fetes and events.

The Fabric:

Range of Colours – The fabric is available in over 40 different colours including bright hues as well as subtle, calming shades

  • Waterproof – The fabric is completely waterproof, keeping those underneath dry and sheltered from the rain
  • High UV Protection – The fabric is UV resistant which means it will not fade and also protects those underneath from the harmful UV rays
  • Excellent Fire Performance – The fabric features a high fire resistance and meets the standard BS 7837
  • Light in Weight and High in Strength – It has a weight of 590 g/sqm, a tensile strength of 250/250 daN/ 5 cm and a tear strength of 25/20 daN (warp/weft)
  • Smooth Finish – A smooth finish makes it easy to maintain and keeps it looking newer for longer
  • 100% Recyclable – The fabric has an extremely long life span, yet once you do decide to replace the fabric, it is 100% recyclable making it eco-friendly and better for the environment.

Uses and Benefits:

  • Keeps the User Cool – Enabling your pupils, customers or clients to enjoy the outdoors for longer in the pleasant, cool and shaded area you have provided
  • Provides Protection from the Sun – The tensile fabric protects from high levels of the sun’s harmful UV rays, keeping those underneath much safer from the sun
  • Provides a Dry Waterproof Area – Which means those underneath can stay on your premises longer without a sudden downpour putting them off
  • Versatile Usage – Can be used for many applications including outside dining within restaurants, hotels, spas and schools. They are also ideal for outdoor play and learning areas within schools and nurseries and provide great shade and shelter for seafronts and visitor attractions
  • Can Cover Large Areas – Each Evershade waterproof shade sail can cover up to 6m x 6m however, multiple structures can be added together enabling you to cover much larger areas for use within playgrounds, restaurants, hospitals, visitor attractions and more

Made to Measure Waterproof Shade Sails

Made to measure waterproof shade sails are available from Able Canopies. The Evershade waterproof shade sails are made to your size requirements from 3m x 3m – 6m x 6m. We can add multiple structures together to create a large square, rectangle or modular shape to suit your outside design.

They can be supplied in a range of shapes and designs to form the design that you desire. You can choose different colours for each sail and the frame can also be supplied in any RAL colour to personalise the structure further.

Waterproof Shade Sails for Schools

Shade Sails are extremely popular within schools however, they can only be used during the warmer months to create shade from the sun. Waterproof shade sails are a great alternative for schools that would like a structure that looks like a shade sail but also provides shelter from the rain. A waterproof shade sail extends the use of the structure and your playground, this means that outdoor learning and outdoor play can go ahead whatever the weather.

Waterproof Shade Sails for Visitor Attractions

Waterproof Shade Sails are perfect for visitor attractions such as zoos and theme parks. They provide much-needed weather protection to ensure visitors are not put off by either the rain or the beating hot sun when contemplating visiting your premises. As well as being practical structures, waterproof shade sails are also stylish and can be finished in vibrant colours to match your branding or to create striking focal points.