Bin Shelters and Enclosures

Our bin shelters are cost-effective storage solutions for large or domestic refuse and recycling bins. These permanent shelters are constructed from robust materials that are well suited to commercial environments. The bin enclosures in our range are available with lockable gates which can be secured with the use of a padlock, swipe card or key fob.

Bin Shelters and Enclosures
Bin Shelters and Enclosures

Bin shelters are the ideal bin storage solution which will help protect your waste and re-cycling bins from vandalism, bad weather and rodents and ensure a safer and cleaner environment. This is particularly ideal within the hospitality, leisure and education sectors for health and safety purposes.

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Why Choose a Bin Shelter?

A bin shelter is a practical solution that offers many benefits to your outside area including:

  • Hygienic – Keep your bins stored in one neat area avoiding your refuse blowing in the wind and making a mess
  • Safe – Create a safer environment by storing your bins which will deter rodents and flies
  • Health & Safety – Improve the health and safety of your outside environment
  • Avoid Vandalism – Hiding your bins away in a shelter deters vandalism to your bins, therefore prolonging the life of your bins
  • Multiple Use – Can be used to cover large commercial bins, domestic wheelie bins and recycling bins
  • Lockable – Our bin shelters can be provided with secure lockable doors
  • Strong & Robust – These bin shelters are constructed from a strong and robust frame & roof and has a life expectancy of up to 25 years

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Why Choose Able Canopies as your Bin Shelter Supplier?

Able Canopies Bin Shelters are a hygienic solution to your smelly bin troubles. When bins are exposed to the elements they can become smelly and attract pests such as insects and rats. A bin shelter encloses your industrial wheelie bins, not only making your outside area look neater but also making your outside area safer and keeping the bins away from children playing near them.

We have been designing & installing shelters for many years and have a great deal of experience within the industry. We will create the shelter to your desired length as long as it is within the possible sizes to ensure your exact requirements are achieved and install the shelter on site within as little as 1 day depending on the size chosen.

Our bin shelters are supplied with a 25 year life expectancy and we will always be here to answer any questions you may have right from your initial enquiry through to the quotation and installation stages. We will also always be here to help with any questions you may have regarding your shelter after it has been installed.