Bus Shelters

Our range of bus shelters are high quality, robust structures that have been designed to withstand high levels of daily use.

Bus Shelters
Bus Shelters

When paired with seating, passengers can comfortably wait for a bus whilst keeping protected from the weather including the beaming hot sun and downpours of rain, keeping them dry and contented.

People are more likely to use a bus service rather than drive if it is convenient and the facilities are satisfactory for them. This can make the roads quitter and reduces emission in the air as less vehicles are on the roads.

Our bus shelters offer up to a 2 year guarantee and a 25 year life expectancy so you can be sure that you are investing in high quality products.

Why should I invest in an Able Canopies bus shelter?

  • Offer a dry, warm place for passengers to wait that will shield them from all weather conditions including the rain and wind
  • A bus shelter makes it safer for passengers to wait, and makes it easier for bus driver to see if they need to stop to pick passengers up
  • A bus shelter will encourage the public to use buses rather than drive
  • Our bus shelters are cost effective structures
  • The Able Canopies range of bus shelters are made from high quality, robust materials that have been designed for frequent use in busy areas.