Smoking Shelters

Our smoking shelters are commercial structures that are ideal for use in schools, hospitals and leisure and industrial settings.

Smoking Shelters
Smoking Shelters

Smoking shelters are a much needed outside structure due to the smoking ban which was implemented in July 2007. Although this smoking ban encouraged many to give up, there are still many people, including your customers, staff and visitors who still smoke and would really appreciate a dry, warm area to gain shelter when smoking on your grounds.

Our smoking shelters are constructed from high quality, commercial grade materials and the shelter has been designed to last for many, many years. To back this, the Ainslet has a 25 year life expectancy so you can be sure that you are investing in a high quality product.

Why should I invest in a smoking shelter?

  • Offer a dry, warm place to smoke that will shield from all weather conditions including the rain and wind
  • Create a designated area for smoking to avoid crowds of people around your entrances
  • Although you do not have to provide a smoking shelter, it is a respectful to do so and will be appreciated by your staff, customers or visitors
  • In the case of a fire drill or similar emergency, you will know where all staff are, saving panic and keeping your system structured
  • They can also be used as waiting shelters or somewhere where your staff can sit outside during tea and lunch breaks