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Timber Shelters

Timber Cycle Shelters

Our range of timber shelters are constructed from curved Glulam timber that is sustainably sourced from PEFC timber merchants, they provide a stylish and secure area for adults and children to park their bicycles whist also keeping them protected from the weather.

Timber shelters are ideal for schools, sports and leisure centres and parks that want to create a natural feel to their environment and promote sustainability within their grounds. Installing a cycle shelter will encourage your staff, pupils, visitors and customers to cycle to your premises which will not only save on parking spaces in your car park but also reduce car emissions in your area and avoid traffic which can cause hazards particularly within schools.

Bikes can be costly assets and by providing the owners with a safe and secure areas to store them whilst on your site, you will give them peace of mind that their bikes are safe and they can enjoy themselves and spend longer in your establishment.

Free Guide: How to be Cycle Friendly

Download our free guide for advice, guidance and ideas to make your school cycle friendly.

How to be cycle friendly

All of our timber cycle shelters can be supplied to meet BREEAM specifications. To find out more about BREEAM compliant cycle shelters please
contact us. Please click on our timber shelters below to find the perfect timber cycle shelter solution for you.

Denver Timber Cycle Shelter
Denver Timber Cycle Shelter The Denver is a striking, modern timber bicycle shelter that offers stylish cycle storage for up to 10 bikes with a standard 4.2m x 1.6m sized shelter.
Pembroke Timber Cycle Shelter
Pembroke Timber Cycle Shelter The Pembroke is a stylish timber cycle shelter that is covered with a choice of 5mm solid or 16mm structured polycarbonate roof panels. Up to 16 bicycles can be parked in this sustainable timber bike shelter.

Timber Cycle ShelterGrasmere Timber Clad Cycle Shelter

The Grasmere Timber Clad Cycle Shelter features a galvanised steel frame, a corrugated steel roof which is also corrugated and timber cladding on the sides and back of the shelter.

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Benefits of a Timber Cycle Shelter

  • Timber cycle shelters fit in perfectly with natural and modern environments
  • Adds a natural, tactile feel to urban settings
  • Saves on car parking spaces - A standard timber cycle shelter on average only takes up the space of one car but it can store up to 10 bikes!
  • Reduces a build-up of bicycles on your grounds and creates a safer outside area by reducing trip hazards
  • Shelters bikes from the weather, keeping them dry and reducing paintwork fading as they offer high UV protection
  • The Pembroke and Denver are constructed from attractive curved Glulam timber which is sustainably sourced from PEFC timber merchants
  • Encourages cycling to school, work, shopping etc. and therefore reduces traffic and emissions
  • Reduces theft and vandalism as the bicycles are secured to cycle racks
  • Can be supplied with benches instead of cycle racks to create timber cycle shelters
  • Available BREEAM compliant

A Closer Look at our Timber Shelters

Our timber cycle shelters are constructed from the highest quality materials, including sustainable Glulam beams.

1. Roof Panels
The shelters are covered with 5mm solid polycarbonate sheets that area available in a choice of clear or opal. These sheets have outstanding levels of light transmission, a high impact strength and are resistant to mechanical stresses, together with an exceptional long-term chemical-physical stability.

2. Timber Frame
The Denver and the Pembroke timber cycle shelters are constructed from Glulam timber beams which are sustainably sourced from PEFC timber merchants. You can read some interesting facts about Glulam timber beams here.

3. Available Colours & Finishes
Our timber cycle shelters are available in a choice of 12 stains which include natural wood colours along with a selection of modern colours. The stains also increase the lifespan of the timber as it adds an additional protective coating.

4. Base Plates
The shelters are fixed to the ground with galvanised steel base plates that are fixed into the timber posts.

5. Hidden Fixings
Our timber shelters are designed with invisible fixings, creating a structure that is aesthetically pleasing with a smooth, sleek design. They also create a strong, rigid construction, contributing to the 20 year life expectancy.

6. Accessories
Cycle racks can be added to the shelter to transforms it into a timber cycle shelter or alternatively you can choose to add a bench of your choice to create a covered seating and waiting area. 

Timber Cycle Shelters in Detail from Able Canopies Ltd.

Why Choose Able Canopies as your Timber Cycle Shelter Supplier?

Able Canopies have teamed up with a timber expert to create two curved Glulam timber cycle shelters. Although these shelters are supplied with Sheffield cycle racks, we can supply them without cycle racks, transforming them into attractive timber waiting shelters with the addition of Benches.

Able Canopies are experts in the canopy and shelter industry and was first established over 15 years ago. This gives us extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to designing and installing the ultimate timber shelter. All of our products are designed for commercial use and are therefore robust, long lasting structures that are made from only the best materials available on the market.

Our timber shelters are supplied with a 25 year life expectancy so you can rest assure that your sustainable timber shelter will last the test of time. Upon competition of installation, you will receive an aftersales pack which explains how you can look after your shelter to keep it looking newer for longer.
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