Tensile Fabric Colour Options

Able Canopies Tensile Structures are supplied with White fabric as standard but are available in a choice of 39 fabric colours at an additional cost which includes both contemporary and vibrant colours, enabling the canopy structure to fit in with your surroundings or to help you create a statement structure.





Sandy Beige





Walnut Stain












Moss Green

Porcelain Green

Tennis Green



Steel Blue


Dark Blue

Thistle Blue

Celestial Blue

Victoria Blue

Midnight Blue






Pure White RAL 9010

Oyster White RAL 1013

Beige 226

Ivory 205

Ivory RAL 1014

Colza Yellow RAL 1021

Signal Yellow RAL 1003

Deep Orange RAL 2011

Flame Red RAL 3000

Brown Red RAL 3011

Opal Green RAL 6026

Turquoise Green RAL 6016

Light Grey RAL 7035

Agate Grey RAL 7038

Dusty Grey RAL 7037

Sky Blue RAL 5015

Ultramarine Blue RAL 5002

Tensile Fabric Colour Options for the:

There are two fabric options: Sunacryl or Airtex. Fire retardent fabric options are available on request. Please note: colours are illustrative only.

Sunacryl Fabric (acrylic material)
The Sunacryl fabric offers high effective sun protection. It provides protection from the wind, rain, light, heat and UV. Due to the solution dyed acryl fibre, this fabric is non-fading and tear resistant, this makes Sunacryl the ideal fabric for your giant umbrella and in addition easy to clean.

Sunacryl specifications:

100% acryl sunacryl solution-dyed
Cleanguard coating outdoor finish
Weight 290 g/m²
Colour fastness and UV resistance 7 to 8/8 (UV 801)
Water pressure resistance 350 mm
Available in 23 standard colours.

0001 RAL 9003

7133 RAL 9010

0806 RAL 1015

7548 RAL 1014

6196 RAL 9002

0681 RAL 1001

0613 RAL 8011

8206 RAL 3005

6316 RAL 1003

0018 RAL 2004

0020 RAL 3020

3914 RAL 3003

8600 RAL 1020

0003 RAL 6029

6687 RAL 6005

0853 RAL 6020

6688 RAL 6034

6720 RAL 5024

0017 RAL 5017

7264 RAL 5002

6022 RAL 5013

8203 RAL 7010

6028 RAL 9011

AIRTEX® classic (Polyester)
The AIRTEX® classic fabric is perfect for ultimate sun protection. This 200 g/m² light material is made of 100% polyester which comes with an acryl coating and impregnation on the upper side. The coating shows a special textile character. AIRTEX® classic provides a very low surface weight and a good UV resistance. It is also water resistant and easy to clean.

AIRTEX® classic specifications

  • 100% polyester
  • Acrylic finish on top side
  • Weight 200 g/m²
  • Colour fastness and UV resistance 6 to 8/8 (UV 801)
  • Water pressure resistance 700 mm
  • Available in 24 standard colours.

9526 Gelb

9527 Orange

9545 Blau

9577 Weib

9653 Hellgrau

9654 Dunkelgrau

9665 Mausgrau

9671 Hellrot

9675 Kirschrot

9701 Himmelblau

9710 Moosgrun

9741 Perlgrau

9767 Smarargdgrun

9793 Lagune

9801 Nickelgrau

9816 Bahamabeige

9823 Natur

9853 Schwarz

9875 Sisal

9876 Silber

9878 Terrakotta

9879 Weinrot

Please note:
The colour charts shown above are for guidance only and are not exact. Please request some samples for a true colour match.

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