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Open Awnings

Open Awnings

Able Canopies open awnings are the perfect retractable shade structures for schools, shops, restaurants, bars and hospitals. They offer high UV protection from the sun and provide a cool shaded area underneath for users to enjoy sitting outside whilst dining, playing or simply relaxing.

Open awnings are ideal for those that already have an existing overhang to their building which can therefore offer additional protection to the awning when closed. This is because open awning do not have protective casings once they are closed, unlike our full cassette awnings.

Our open awnings can be open and closed effortlessly with the remote control supplied, we can also supply them with manual hand cranks instead for those that would prefer manual operation over electronic.

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Australia Awning
Australia Awning The Australia is a modern, robust commercial awning that is ideal for covering large areas up to 5.5m wide within leisure, education and hospitality settings.

Open Awning Case Study

Cylch Meithrin Trelai, Cardiff - Open Awning Case Study - Able Canopies Ltd.Cylch Meithrin Trelai, Cardiff

Cylch Meithrin Trelai required an awning to provide shade to their children whilst learning and playing outside.

Read more: Cylch Meithrin Trelai Awning Case Study

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