Bicycle Parking Solutions

Bicycle Parking Solutions

Update your outside area and offer your staff, pupils, clients or visitors a secure place to park their bicycles whilst visiting your premises.

Cycle racks are the most cost effective way to offer cycle parking within your grounds and because they are sold separately, you can choose how much space you cover and how many bikes you provide parking for.

Many cycle racks can park up to two bikes with the use of double sided parking, meaning you can offer cycle parking for up to two bikes and it will cost you just under £69, or £35 for a wall mounted cycle rack that stores one bike.

We also offer a range of stylish and robust cycle shelters which offer a dry, covered area for bikes to be parked.

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Which Cycle Parking is Right for Me?

When it comes to offering a cycle parking solution within your premises, there’s a number of choices to make, the main one is to decide whether you require a cycle compound, a cycle shelter or some cycle stands.

The amount of available outside space, the volume of cycle storage required and whether theft is an issue in your area will all influence your decision. I have listed below the three main options to help you decided what product will fulfil your needs and requirements.

Cycle Racks and StandsBike Racks and Cycle Stands - Able Canopies Ltd.
Cycle racks
are perfect for those that have limited outside space or that only want to provide bike parking for a small amount of bikes. They are available in many different designs including wall mounted cycle racks and floor mounted cycle racks. They are also available in different sizes which makes them ideal for schools as well as town centres, shopping complexes and work places.

Cycle Shelters - Able Canopies Ltd.Cycle Shelters

Cycle Shelters are ideal if you have a little more space, however you do not need loads of space, a standard cycle shelter such as an Easydale Cycle Shelter will only take up the space of one car and can hold up to 10 bikes! Cycle Shelters are the most popular cycle parking solution, particularly within schools, community centres and visitor attractions.

Cycle Compounds - Able Canopies Ltd.Cycle Compounds
Cycle Compounds cover much larger areas and are popular within universities and high school’s sites where a large volume of cycle parking is required. They are also ideal for area where theft can be can issue as they can be provided with lockable doors for added security and peace of mind.

I hope you have found the above information helpful and if you would like any more advice please feel free to call one of our friendly sales advisors or send us an email.

All of our cycle racks can be purchased online with delivery that is fast and free, however if you prefer, we are happy to take your order via the phone.