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Bicycle Parking Stands

Bicycle Parking Stands

Our range of bicycle parking stands consist of high strength, steel stands that vary in design and size to offer you the perfect bicycle parking solution.

Each bike stand is galvanised as standard, however you can also choose to have them powder coated in any RAL colour at a slight additional cost.

They are all ideal for adding cycle parking areas within town centres, train stations, hospitals, retail parks, schools and commercial settings. Choose from a traditional cycle stand or a more contemporary cycle stand to modernise your outside area.

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Safety Bicycle Rest
Safety Bicycle Rest The Safety Bicycle Rest is a strong, steel cycle rack that features the standard Sheffield style design and is available galvanised and powder coated.
Bicycle Rest
Bicycle Rest The Bicycle Rest is a traditional, steel cycle stand that parks up to two bikes and takes up minimal space within your outside parking area.
Circular Safety Bicycle Rest
Circular Safety Bicycle Rest The Circular Safety Bicycle Rest has a simple, curved design and is ideal for any outdoor setting.
Safety Bicycle Rest STRAP
Safety Bicycle Rest STRAP The Safety Bicycle Rest STRAP is a galvanised steel bike stand that is available in two designs and with single or double sided parking.
Safety Bicycle Rest & Lock
Safety Bicycle Rest & Lock The Safety Bicycle Rest & Lock is a steel bike rack that features a contemporary square design and is perfect for modernising town centres, schools and commercial settings.
Bicycle Rest System TRACK
Bicycle Rest System TRACK The Bicycle Rest System TRACK is a solid, galvanised steel track bicycle storage system that can be extended in rows to allow for greater capacities.
Bicycle Rest System GALAXY UK
Bicycle Rest System GALAXY UK The Bicycle Rest System GALAXY UK is an extendable track bike system as multiple racks can be bolted together and they do not need bolting or concreting into the ground.
Floor Parker 3100 + Wall mounted Parker 3400
Floor Parker 3100 + Wall mounted Parker 3400 The Floor Parker 3100 + Wall mounted Parker 3400 are high quality, space saving bike racks that can store up to two bikes without taking up much space when they are not in use.