Intake Primary School

Intake Primary School, South Yorkshire 

Product: The Grange Mono-Pitch
Size: 25m x 5m
Additional Options: Powder Coated Traffic Red
Estimated Value: £23,000
Council Involved: Doncaster Borough Council

Intake Primary School required a canopy for their school that would be adjacent to the classrooms and allow them to utilise their outdoor area.

They contacted Able Canopies and requested a site survey as they had viewed their product range online and were impressed with their extensive selection of canopies.

Able Canopies arranged for a site survey to be completed where the surveyor and head teacher were able to decide between them on the canopy that would best suit the school’s needs and requirements. The building that the head teacher requested the canopy to be installed against, had tall windows therefore, they were unable to have a wall mounted canopy installed. The canopy that would be the most suitable was The Grange Free Standing Mono Pitch.

The Grange Free Mono-Pitch is very similar to a Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy to look at, yet was ideal for Intake Primary School as it is a free standing canopy.

The school received the quotations and was very happy with the price and placed the order.

The Grange Free Standing Mono Pitch comes with a choice 35m solid or 40mm structured Polycarbonate roof panels which are light in weight and 200 times stronger than glass and 10 times stronger than uPVC panels. The panels are classed as self extinguishing with a class 1 fire rating and do not emit toxic gasses. The canopy is available in a range of standard RAL colours and has a full 10 year guarantee for complete peace of mind.

The Canopy was installed and the staff at the school were pleased with the end result.

Intake Primary School, South Yorkshire - Grange Mono-Pitch Freestanding Canopy

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