Cardiff High School

Cardiff High School, Cardiff   

Product: The Easydale Cycle Compound
Size: 12.6m x 5m 
Contractor: Kier Construction
Frame Colour: Signal White - RAL 9003
Installed: August 2013

The Brief
Cardiff High School was undergoing a large refurbishment and the council had offered to fund a cycle compound as part of their refurbishment. The school already had a cycle shelter installed on site but because it didn’t have lockable doors, they experienced a number of bike thefts.

They therefore required a cycle compound that could be locked and that would provide all weather protection. They also required a compound that would fit into the area they had allocated specifically for a cycle compound.

Cardiff High School, South Wales - Easydale Cycle CompoundThe Solution
We offered the school the Easydale Cycle Compound. We put this product forward because it matched everything that the school wanted in a cycle compound; weather protection, secure and lockable doors and the design fitted in perfectly with their new extension.

The Easydale is also installed with clear view polycarbonate for all round visibility making it perfect for Cardiff High School due to their issues with bike thefts.

Cardiff High School - Easydale Cycle CompoundA standard Easydale Cycle Compound spans 6.25m wide and has a standard length of 4.15m. However, because the school required the compound to fit perfectly into the allocated space, we were able to adapt our standard product and offer them a size of 5m x 12m. Even though we made the width of the shelter smaller than our standard size, we were still able to easily fit in 30 cycle racks to allow double sided parking for up to 60 bikes as requested.

Cardiff High School chose our product over a similar product from another company, due to the excellent pre-order service they had received from our staff.

The compound was installed in August 2013, during the summer holidays ready for the new school refurbishment opening in September.

A year after the installation, the school told us that they had experienced no bike thefts to date, the Easydale compound has therefore resolved their initial issues and serves its purpose entirely. They have also experienced more students cycling to school due to the increase in safety of their bikes and they have found that traffic has been reduced during busy times of the day.

When asked if they would recommend us, Mr Newton, the School’s Estate Manger said he would recommend us due to our “Good service” and he found our product to be of “good quality and good value”.

Cardiff High School, South Wales - Easydale Cycle Compound

Above: Installed Cycle Compound

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