Thomas Wall Nursery School

Thomas Wall Nursery School, Surrey 

Product: Welford Dome Walkway
Size: Various
Additional Options: Frame Powder Coated Blue
Estimated Value: £17,000

Thomas Wall Nursery School was in need of school canopy to provide shelter from the children and staff at their nursery. They contacted Able Canopies and requested a site survey. They explained that they were looking at having a walkway installed and they were interested in the Welford Dome Canopy.

A survey was booked and shortly after, a quote was sent out to the nursery. The Administration Officer realised afterwards that there was a small area that she forgot to ask the surveyor to survey. Able Canopies were happy to send him back out again to survey this area as well.

Once this was completed, a revised quote was sent out. Shortly after an installation date had been confirmed, it was discovered that a box gutter may be needed between the canopy and the wall. This was not a necessity, yet the nursery had decided that they would prefer one to be added to the canopy anyway.

The revised quotation was sent out and the installation date was postponed as building regulations were required, also the nursery requested Able Canopies remove their existing canopy.

Once the canopy had been installed, the nursery school was happy with the end result commenting “It does look lovely.”

The School did however have some concerns about the finishing of the tarmac on one of the post holes and the design of the box guttering.

Both of these issues were dealt with speedily by Able Canopies and a week later it had been arranged for the tarmac to be re-done and the guttering was redesigned and installed to meet the requirements specified.

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