Funding for Cycle Shelters

Funding for Cycle Shelters

Last Updated: February 2016

A list of available grants for Cycle Shelters can be found below:

Biffa Grants - Main Grants: £5,000-£50,000 for projects that provide/ improve community facilities. Small Grants: £250-£5,000 for projects that encommunities to improve local amenities and to conserve wildlife.

GeoVation Challenge - Competition offering cash prizes for the most innovative ideas that use geography for social, environmental or economic benefit. Applications must be ideas that help address the GeoVation Challenge question: How can we transform neighbourhoods in Britain together?

Government Funding 
- Portal for accessing government grants for the voluntary and community Sector.

Sita Trust - Sita trust offer an Enhancing Communities Programme for community improvement projects. This funding is available for non profit organizations and groups across the UK. These grants can range up to £60,000.

Tesco - £500-£4,000 grants for projects local to Tesco stores.

UnLtd - Awards to provide practical and financial support to social entrepreneurs in the UK. Various levels of funding. Individuals only.

Waitrose Community Matters - 
Each branch has £1,000 each month to give to three local organisations (community groups, schools, charities). Nominated by customers, with final decision made by PartnerVoice forums (Waitrose’s local democratic bodies). Branches have a Champion to find out about local beneficiaries. Contact local store.

WREN - The Waste Recycling Environmental group WREN offer a Small Grant Scheme that can offer between £2,000 to £15,000 for projects that support the community

YouthBank - Innovative grant-making initiative run by young people for young people. Local YouthBanks provide small grants to fund good ideas to benefit their own communities.

Regional Funding Providers:

City Bridge Trust - The City Bridge Trust offer funding via their Working With Londoners Grant. They have 7 different sectors to help the London area with Accessibility, Environment, Mental Health etc and can offer up to £500,000 to sector organisations and registered charities

North East England:
Hadrian Trust-  The Hadrian Trust awards funding for projects within the North East of England whose aims are to improve areas such as: Social Welfare, The Disabled, Youth, Education etc. Their average grant ranges between £500 to £2,000.

Energy Saving Trust - Offers interest free loans of £500 to £50,000 can help all organisations including government, businesses and the public sector in Scotland.

The Adnams Charity - This award offers grants within the range of £100 to £2,500 to causes within 25 miles of Southwold. Their grants are made under the general headings of: Education, Health & Social Welfare, The Arts, Recreation, Buildings/Community Facilities and The Environment/Conservation.

Yorventure - Yorventure funds projects which are within 10 miles, as the crow flies, from a Yorwaste landfill sites. Funding should be for a public park or amenity, including village greens, public playgrounds, sports fields and country parks.  

Sports Council Wales - Operates a number of funding schemes that aim to increase levels of physical activity and sport in Wales.

Other registered Landfill Site Operators also offer funding for projects within a specified distance of their sites. A list of registered landfill site operators is available from the HMRC website: List of Registered Landfill Site Operators

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