Bothal Middle School – Second Shade Sail Array

Bothal Middle School – Second Shade Sail Array

Product: Able Shade Sails

Previously we installed two Shade Sails at Bothal Middle School to create shade to their seating area. They got back into contact with us explaining that they would like some more Shade Sails installed to shade more seating areas.

We installed two triangle 6m x 8m x 10m Shade Sails, in lime green and blue. Shade Sails block up to 98.8% of the UV rays ensuring that the pupils will be protected from the sun whilst sitting under the Shade Sails.

Installation Details:

Sizes: Two 6m x 8m x 10m triangle

Colours: Indigo Blue & Lime Green

Installed at:

Bothal Middle School
High Market
NE63 8NT

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