Godwin Primary School – Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy

In August 2023, we supplied and installed a 21m x 3m Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy at Godwin Primary School in Dagenham, Essex.

Godwin Primary School contacted our sales teams wanting to cover an area outside one of their classrooms. We recommended they invest in a Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy as they offer great coverage and protection from all sorts of weather. They are a perfect canopy for primary school settings. Choosing the Coniston Wall  Mounted Canopy will enable the children to be able to play and learn outside whilst still being protected from the weather, therefore meeting their requirements.

Installation Details: 

Size: 21m x 3m

Canopy Colour: Hipca White RAL 9910

Installed at:
Godwin Primary School
Finnymore Road

Installation Date: August 2023

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