Lambourne Primary School – Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy Case Study

Case Study

Lambourne Primary School, Essex
Epping Forest Schools Partnership Trust
Contractor: Marfleet Contractors Limited
The Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy
Size: 7m x 3.5m
Frame Colour: Signal Blue (RAL 5005)
Polycarbonate Colour: Clear
Installation Date: October 2023


Marfleet Construction Limited was working on a project for Lambourne Primary School in Romford, Essex. The school was to undergo classroom alterations and ramp construction, including the demolition of two redundant modular classrooms and associated alterations of the reception playground, scout hut, existing reception classroom,  and library to accommodate three-year groups.

They also required a wall mounted canopy to provide shade and shelter over the new ramp which would also have steps for access to the playground from the existing year 6 classroom.


They had specified our most popular canopy; the Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy within the tender. This meant that when we received the tender, we were able to quickly and easily put forward our best price as we knew exactly what their requirements were.

We therefore sent an estimate to the contractors for a 7m x 3.5m Coniston as requested in Signal Blue (RAL 5005) with clear polycarbonate roof sheets.


It was agreed that the canopy posts would be installed near to the edge of the ramp brick wall and run the full 7m length. The foundations would be cast and set by on-site groundworker and would have 400mm length x 400mm width x 600mm deep pad stones, set 150mm below the finished ground level at the lowest level point. One of the posts however would bolt down to the concrete surface on one of the stairs.

Both the contractors and the school were happy with the proposal and proceeded with the order with a schedule of a one day install in October 2023.


The canopy was installed on schedule as planned with no issues along the way. It was planned that the canopy would be finished with softplay safety surfacing underneath. However, this was to be installed by the softplay supplier once we left site and we therefore were not required to make good under the canopy.

The canopy was installed as scheduled within one day on the date specified in October 2023, with all involved being happy with the end result.

We installed the canopy downpipes as required however, once we installed the canopy, the contractor discovered it would be better to have the downpipe rerouted along a different post. They therefore asked us to supply them with additional downpipe which we were able to do efficiently within approximately one week.

Above: Before the canopy installation

Above: After the canopy installation

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