Lyons Holiday Park – Tarnhow Dome Freestanding Timber Canopy

In March 2024, we supplied and installed a 18m x 10m Tarnhow Dome Freestanding Timber Canopy at Lyons Holiday Park in Rhyl, North Wales.

Lyons Holiday Park set out to change up how guests enjoy their meals, wanting a big, covered outdoor area. They wanted to make sure more people could dine out in comfort, no matter the weather.

This new space isn’t just about serving more people; it’s also a smart way to boost the park’s earnings. With this cosy outdoor dining setup, Lyons Holiday Park lets guests enjoy the best of both worlds: tasty meals and the great outdoors, making it more likely they’ll want to come back for another visit.

Please be advised that at the time these photos were taken, Lyons Holiday Park were undergoing renovations and as a result, they show some construction works still present.

Installation Details: 

Size: 18m x 10m

Timber Stain Colour: Black Stain
Polycarbonate Colour: Opal

Installed at:
Lyons Holiday Park
Lyons Robin Hood
Coast Road
LL18 3UU

Installation Date: March 2024

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