Pineham Barns Primary School

Pineham Barns Primary School

This recent installation at a school in Northampton was our first use of coloured polycarbonate. As you can see in the pictures the results are quite striking. The use of coloured polycarbonate allowed the colours of the new canopy roof to be matched to the Schools’ own corporate colours.

The installation not only looked good on completion but also demonstrated that the specialised panels worked excellently with our own rafter bar, meaning this type of work can be tackled in a time and cost efficient way. The inclusion of colour opens numerous possibilities for canopy installations. For retail environments brand colours can be incorporated, for leisure settings colour can be used to change the mood and light that the canopy creates and for almost all projects, colour can be incorporated to add visual interest to the work.

 26m x 6m

Polycarbonate Colour: Pacific Blue, Sunbust Yellow, Opal

Contracting Company: Farrans Construction

Installed at:
Pineham Barns Primary School
Upton Valley
Swan Valley

Installation Date: June 2017

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