Preston Primary School

Preston Primary School Case Study

Preston Primary School, Devon

Product: Grange Junior Free Standing Canopy
Size: 12.26m x 4m
Additional Options: Grey Post Pads
Contractor: Coyde Construction
Architect: Kay Elliot Architects
Estimated Value: £10,000

The Challenge
Preston Primary School required cover for their outdoor play area so that their pupils could play outside in all weather conditions at their school in Devon. The school liked the appearance and practicality of the Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy, yet due to the fact that they did not want to fix a canopy to their existing building, they requested information on the free standing canopies available. They also had a fixed budget and therefore required a canopy that would fit into their budget without compromising on quality and size.

The Solution
Able Canopies suggested the Grange Junior Free Standing Canopy as the ideal shelter solution for them due to its similar appearance to the Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy, and the fact it also shared many of the Coniston’s benefits including its ability to be constructed to an unlimited length. As a free standing structure the Grange Junior does not need to be fixed to a building or other structure which matched Preston Primary school’s needs. It benefits from a robust steel frame which is covered with polycarbonate roof panels that offer high UV protection from the sun, making this product ideal for an educational environment.

During the design stage the Able Canopies engineers found that the height specified by the customer would be higher than structurally safe. This safety issue was highlighted to the architect and it was decided that the canopy would be brought down to 2.8 metres to ensure it was in line with structural safety guidelines.

Due to current building works at the site, Able Canopies found that access to the site was difficult as there were many obstructions. To resolve this problem Able Canopies liaised with the site managers and arranged for the other building works to be completed in time for when Able Canopies arrived on site. By resolving these issues as quickly as possible Able Canopies were able to install the shade & shelter structure within the deadlines set by the school.

The installation of the canopy “went very well” and all parties involved were please with the end result.

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