Rush Green Primary School – Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy Case Study

Case Study

Rush Green Primary School, London

Client: London Borough of Barking & Dagenham
Product: The Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy
Size: 16.3m x 2.2m
Frame Colour: Hipca White
Installation Date: June 2023


Having worked with the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham before on a number of projects, they contacted us again regarding their most recent project at Rush Green Primary School.

The school which is located in Dagenham were having works completed which included a single storey extension, internal alterations, and refurbishment. As part of the works, they required a wall mounted canopy in their quad courtyard area to provide shade and shelter all year round.


As requested, we provided an estimate for a Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy with a length of 16.3 metres and a projection of 2.2 metres.  Because the Coniston is mounted to a wall, it requires a suitable wall to fix to; the building at Rush Green Primary School was a block construction which was covered with render, which is one of the many ideal wall constructions for the Coniston’s requirements.

In the case where a wall may not have a suitable construction for a wall mounted canopy, we can supply the Coniston as a free-standing canopy with rear posts. Alternatively, we also have a number of free standing canopies that are similar in appearance to the Coniston which are the Grange Free Standing Canopy and for those with lower budgets, the Grange Junior Free Standing Canopy.


Upon comparing our canopy quotation to two other companies, an order was placed for our Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy in May 2023.

At the pre-site stage, there was a number of points to be discussed outside of the usual specifics which were:


Unless otherwise stated, foundations are included in all our canopy quotations. The flooring in at Rush Green Primary School featured raised decking, so we needed to investigate the area underneath the decking to check it was suitable for our foundations and they were.

Access and Obstructions:

  • The quad area features a pond which could have made an obstruction however, it was agreed that the pond would be covered over with strong boards so we could work over it.
  • The canopy was installed at the start of June 2023 as scheduled with no problems along the way.
  • If you have a similar project in mind, contact us today to request a free estimate or discuss a bespoke canopy with us.


Above: Before the canopy installation.

Above: After the canopy installation.

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